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Avex Group Holdings Inc.
Type Public KK (TYO:7860)
Genre Music Record Label
Founded April 11, 1988: registered June 1, 1973 and originally located in Machida, Tokyo[1]
Founder(s) Masato "Max" Matsuura
Tom Yoda
Ken Suzuki (now on S2S Pte Ltd)
Headquarters 3-1-30 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-8525
Area served Asia
Key people Masato "Max" Matsuura- CEO

Ryuhei Chiba- Co-CEO
Takashi Araki- COO, Senior ED
Toshio Kobayashi- CFO, Senior MD
Shinji Hayashi- CIO, Senior MD
Hiroshi Inagaki- MD
Hisashiko Iida- MD
Hajime Taniguchi- MD
Katsuro Oshita- MD
Hiroyuki Kishi- MD
Tadasu Ohe- MD
Toru Arakawa- MD
Shin Ushijima- MD
Minoru Onozato- MD

Nobuo Kawakami- MD
Industry Music and Entertainment
Products CDs, DVDs
Revenue 4,229.6 million yen
Owner(s) 1-The Master Trust Bank of Japan-6.39%
2-Max Matsuura-4.85%
3-Toshio Kobayashi-4.85% [1]
Employees 1,344 (Correct at end of March, 2009, according to their official site)
Subsidiaries see Sub-labels and Subsidiaries
Website Avex Group Official Website

Avex Group Holdings Inc. (エイベックス・グループ・ホールディングス株式会社 Eibekkusu Gurūpu Hōrudingusu Kabushiki-gaisha?) TYO: 7860 is the holding company for a group of entertainment-related subsidiaries based in Japan. The origin of the word Avex comes from the English words Audio Visual Expert.

Avex was Japan's leading dance record company during the nineties, and continues producing and recording some of Japan's most famous J-pop singers such as Japan's highest selling female musician, Ayumi Hamasaki. Avex Trax also provides theme music soundtracks to many anime and a few video games.



The company was established in 1988 as "Avex D.D., Inc", a CD wholesaler based in Machida, Tokyo. They opened a recording studio and created Avex Trax as a music label in September 1990. In the same year, they created "Musique Folio Inc.", a music publishing company, which later became "Prime Direction Inc." In 1993, they transferred to Aoyama, Tokyo and created a U.S. branch, called "AV Experience America Inc." The year also marked the first of Avex's yearly events. It was held in Tokyo Dome under the name "avex rave '93" and attracted 50,000 attendees. In 1994, they formed two UK subsidiaries, "Rhythm Republic Limited" and "Avex U.K. Limited". Later that year, they opened a disco, claimed on their website to be "the world's largest scale disco", named as Velfarre.[2]

In 1997, they opened a series of concert halls called "Zepp" along with Sony Music Entertainment Japan and created another label, Cutting Edge. In early 1999, they signed an agreement with Walt Disney Records and Hollywood Records to handle both companies' Japanese CD releases. Later that year "Avex Mode", an animation company, was established. In December, still of the same year, the company was listed on the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol 7860.[3]

In 2001, Avex opened "avex artists academy", a music school.[4] In 2002, they released the "CCCD", a type of copy-protected CD, and built their building in Aoyama {Sumitomo Life answered the expenses, worth 205 billion yen.}. In 2003, they opened a classical music business (named as Avex Classics).[5] In 2004, they began selling Japanese music CDs in South Korea.

In 2004, Avex President Max Matsuura "spotted" former-idol Ami Suzuki performing live at the annual festival of their school, Nihon University. He subsequently signed her to the Avex label.[6] But a feud between him {Matsuura} and co-founder Tom Yoda almost ruined the group. It came to an end on Yoda's resignation and his replacement by Toshio Kobayashi.[1]

In 2005, Avex acquired distribution rights for Aozora Records' catalogue including all future Hitomi Yaida releases.[7]

As part of the Avex Group's 20th anniversary celebration, the big project is occurring with avex trax's ever "produced by avex trax" artists, the band Girl Next Door formed and debuted in September 2008.

The Group is a member of the IFPI for Hong Kong and Japan.[8]


Each year since 2002, Avex has hosted a summer concert tour around Japan, "a-nation", featuring the company's most successful acts. Top Avex acts like Ayumi Hamasaki, Kumi Koda, Ai Otsuka, BoA, Hitomi, TRF, Every Little Thing and TVXQ have performed to major crowds each year. In 2008, Namie Amuro made her first appearance at a-nation and performed on all dates that year.[9]


Sub-labels and Subsidiaries


  • Avex Classics (classical music)
  • Avex Club (compilation albums)
  • Avex Globe (globe's label)
  • Avex Ideak
  • Avex International (international releases)
  • Avex IO
  • Avex Trance (trance music)
  • Avex Trax (first record label of the Group (1990.09))
  • Avex Tune (dance music)
  • Bareknuckle
  • Binyl Records (rock music)
  • Blowgrow
  • Commmons (joint venture with Ryuichi Sakamoto)
  • Cross-A
  • Cutting Edge (second record label of the Group (1993))
  • D-Force
  • Disc du Soleil
  • Dwango Music Entertainment (sister company of dwango.jp)
  • Espionage Records
  • Five-D Plus
  • Hi-BPM Studio
  • J-Friends Project
  • J-More
  • Junk Museum
  • Locomusic (Love-chan's label)
  • Love Life Records (hitomi's label)
  • Mad Pray Records (Anna Tsuchiya's label)
  • Maximum 10
  • Mode '99
  • Motorod Records
  • nakedrecords
  • Oorong Records (joint venture with Oorong-sha Group)
  • Rhythm Republic
  • Rhythm Zone (third record label of the Group (1999))
    • Fluctus
    • Riddim Zone
    • Starz by Rhythm Zone
  • Rising Records
  • Sonic Groove
  • Superb Trax
  • Tearbridge Production
  • True Song Music (Dai Nagao's label)
  • Velfarre Records
  • Zoom Flicker


  • Animation
    • Avex Mode
  • Television
    • Avex and East (joint venture with East Company)
  • Movies
  • Artist Management
    • Agape
    • Avex Management
    • Platinum Productions
  • Advertising
    • M!dea Incorporated
  • Digital
    • Avex Broadcasting and Communications (joint venture with NTT docomo)
    • Avex Marketing (digital marketing and website hosting)
    • dwango.jp
    • mu-mo.net (own music store of the Group)
    • Prismix
  • Live Shows
  • Magazines
    • Beat Freak


  • Avex Planning and Development

Labels Distributed

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