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A Night at the Roxbury

Theatrical poster
Directed by John Fortenberry
Produced by Amy Heckerling
Lorne Michaels
Written by Will Ferrell
Chris Kattan
Starring Will Ferrell
Chris Kattan
Molly Shannon
Loni Anderson
Dan Hedaya
Music by David Kitay
Cinematography Francis Kenny
Editing by Jay Kamen
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) October 2, 1998
Running time 81 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $17,000,000 (estimated)
Gross revenue $30,331,165[1][2]

A Night at the Roxbury is a 1998 comedy film based on a recurring skit on television's long-running Saturday Night Live called The Roxbury Guys. Saturday Night Live regulars Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, Molly Shannon, and Colin Quinn star.

The film sees Kattan and Ferrell reprise their SNL characters, dense nightclubbing brothers Doug and Steve Butabi. In the original sketches, Doug and Steve were often joined by that night's guest, credited as 'barhop' (including turns by Jim Carrey, Tom Hanks, Martin Short, Alec Baldwin, Jack Nicholson, and Sylvester Stallone parodying his familiar Rocky Balboa role), but the barhop role was dropped during production of the film.

Other roles include Jennifer Coolidge as a police officer, Chazz Palminteri's uncredited role as gregarious night club impresario Mr. Benny Zadir, and Colin Quinn as his bodyguard. Ex-SNLer Mark McKinney has a cameo as a priest officiating a wedding.



Wearing rayon suits, Speedo trunks, hair gel and cologne, wealthy Yemenite-American brothers Steve (Will Ferrell) and Doug Butabi (Chris Kattan) enjoy frequenting nightclubs, where they bob their heads in unison to dance music (specifically Haddaway's hit song "What Is Love") and fail miserably at picking up women. Their dream is to party at the Roxbury, a fabled nightclub where they are continually denied entrance by a hulking bouncer (Michael Clarke Duncan).

By day, the brothers work at a fake-plant store owned by their wealthy father, Kamehl Butabi (Dan Hedaya). They spend most of their time goofing off, daydreaming about opening a club as cool as the Roxbury together, and Doug uses credit card transactions as an excuse to hit on a phone approval operator. They also have an annoying habit of overenthusiastically retelling to everyone they stand in line with their story of how they met Emilio Estevez while waiting in line to use a payphone. Also not amusing to anyone but themselves is a supposed joke in which they "trick" a questioner by answering, "No" before switching to their "real" answer, "Yes." Walking down to their father's store, to the beat of "Stayin Alive", they try to pick a girl (Gina Mari) walking toward them, only to get beaten up by her.

The store shares a wall with a lighting emporium owned by Fred Sanderson (Dwayne Hickman of Dobie Gillis fame). Both Mr. Butabi and Mr. Sanderson hope that Steve and Emily (Molly Shannon), Sanderson's daughter, will marry, uniting the families and the businesses to form the first plant-lamp emporium.

After a day at the beach, in which the Doug and Steve try to pick up women while wearing matching thongs, the brothers decide that tonight is the night they will finally get into the Roxbury. Returning home to the gauchely decorated bedroom they share, Doug, still wearing the same outfit as at the beach, gets into a heated argument with their father about going out clubbing instead of staying home. (Their father has planned a dinner party with Emily and her parents.) The angered Mr. Butabi then denies them access to their BMW car and to their cell phones. Given enormous cell phones by their mother (Loni Anderson) and allowed use of the fake-plant store's delivery van[3] they are quickly rejected by the doorman (Michael Clarke Duncan). After discovering they might bribe their way into the club, the brothers drive around looking for an ATM. They get into a fender-bender with Richard Grieco (playing himself) and, to avoid a lawsuit, Grieco uses his fame to get them into the popular club. There they meet the owner of the Roxbury, Mr. Zadir (Chazz Palminteri), who listens to their ideas for a nightclub of their own. He likes them and sets up a meeting with them for the next day. The brothers also meet a pair of women at the Roxbury: Vivica (Gigi Rice) and Cambi (Elisa Donovan), who see Doug and Steve talking to Mr. Zadir and assume that the brothers are rich.

On the way to the after party at Mr. Zadir's house the brothers annoy his driver and bodyguard Dooey (Colin Quinn) by making him stop to buy fluffy whip and making jokes about sleeping with his mother. As revenge, the next day Dooey denies them entry to Mr. Zadir's office for their meeting. He tells the brothers that Mr. Zadir was drunk out of his mind last night and doesn't know who they are, though Zadir really does want to see them (but doesn't have their contact information). Afterwards, the girls break up with the Butabi brothers after discovering they're not really wealthy. The brothers fight and Doug moves out of their shared bedroom and into the guest house. Meanwhile Steve is forced into an engagement with the Sandersons' daughter, Emily. The wedding is held in the backyard of the Butabi residence, but is interrupted by Doug: Having gone on a fluffy-whip-fueled bender, he stands atop the guest house staircase with a boom-box blasting the song "What Is Love" (an allusion to the movie Say Anything).

As Doug begins bobbing his head, Steve cannot help but mimic his brother, a sign that he is beginning to remember what he really wants and who he truly is. Steve breaks off the marriage to Emily and departs. In an act of desperation, Steve's former personal trainer/friend/best man Craig (Lochlyn Munro) opts to marry Emily, admitting his longtime crush on her. Emily agrees to marry Craig as long as he promises to invest in infomercials and protein bars. Meanwhile, Richard Grieco (a guest at the wedding) talks to Mr. Butabi and helps him understand that Steve was not ready for marriage, and that Butabi is too hard on his son Doug. The brothers forgive each other and then proceed to go clubbing in their new colored suits.

The movie ends as the Butabi brothers happen upon a hot new club opened by Mr. Zadir. The building is unique in that the exterior is constructed to resemble the interior of a nightclub, and the interior resembles a street—this was an idea pitched by Doug and Steve earlier in the movie. Attempting to enter, they are surprised to find their names on the VIP list. In addition, Mr. Zadir reveals that to reward their idea, he has made them part-owners of the club. Their newfound success comes full circle when they meet another two women in the club: Doug's phone representative from the credit card company (Meredith Scott Lynn) and a police officer (Jennifer Coolidge) whom Steve earlier flirted with while getting a ticket. Out on the dance floor, Doug, Steve, and the two women begin to bob their heads in unison to "What Is Love," and all the other nightclub patrons do the same.



The film was heavily panned by critics, garnering a 10% Rating on Rotten Tomatoes with the consensus that it "Has the same problems as the worst SNL movies: one-note characters and plots unreasonably stretched to feature length runtime". Despite critic ratings the film has gained a cult following and its title song "What is Love" has become a part of mainstream American culture.


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A Night at the Roxbury is a 1998 comedy film about two loser brothers who want to get into the best club in town, and also hope to open their own club.

Directed by John Fortenberry. Written by Steve Koren, Will Ferrell, and Chris Kattan.


Steve Butabi

  • Hey, nice bulbs, Emily. Oh, and I don't mean that metaphorically.
  • (trying to act intelligent in front of his "girlfriend"): "Like... we see a picture of this young lady. But to the lady, are we just a picture of us? Did you ever think about that?"
  • You know what i heard when i first met you? - No. - Beeew, Beeew, Beeew, Beeew. - What are you doing? - That's an ambulance, come and take me away, 'cos the sight of you stopped my heart.
  • (making a toast) Ok, i just wanna say What's up? Grandma, grandpa... and ... to the other two old people...What's up? ... yeah, you two.

Doug Butabi

  • Are you seeing planes? Is your name Tattoo? Because swear to God, you're living on Fantasy Island. - man, that was a sweet show - Yeah, it was a sweet show.
  • Hi. You've reached Doug Butabi. I'm not here right now because I'm too busy outside living it up, unlike my pussy-whipped brother who's too busy throwing his life away for Emily. Beep.
  • So... you guys wanna make out or what?
  • Hey, Hey, is that a mirror in your pocket? Because I can see myself in your pants.


  • Man, I owe you [pulls out an energy bar called "Big Time"] BIG TIME! For bringing me here!
  • You know, just because you and your brother are having problems, doesn't mean you have to refer to my intellectual capacity in a dimunitive manner.


  • Cambi: Can you believe we actually had sex with these asswads?
  • Kamehl Butabi: Richard Grieco, you see right through me.
  • Mr. Zadir: Did you grab my ass? (pause) Do you want to?


Doug: You can take our phones and you can take our keys, but you cannot take away our dreams.
Steve: Yeah, because we're, like, sleeping when we have them.

Craig: So hey, let me ask you something. How long have we been friends?
Steve: All seven years of high-school.
Doug: Yeah, at least.
Craig: That's why I gotta be real with you right now. As a professional trainer, guys, I'm a little worried about your triceps. i mean you guys are going all the week out and it's called full extention. And I'm not seeing it.
Doug: Craig, you're right. We actually had a long talk about that the other night.
Steve: Looong taaalk.
Craig: I just don't want you guys to cheat on yourselves. And I'm sorry to come down here like this but ... pfff ... in a weird way it's my job.
Steve: Hey, that's why we love you and we hate you.
Craig: So, still friends?
Doug and Steve: You know it!
Craig: I'm glad we had this talk.

Doug: About the store? You sit around thinking about the store? You're supposed to be thinking about ... (sees two hot ladies) Hey what's up? (to the ladies)
Steve: You want some of this?
Doug: Or a little of that?

Doug: Why go out for burgers when you have steak at home?
Steve: You're right, we should go out for lunch after this.

Steve: What's up? What's up? What's up? What's up? What's up?
Doug: Steve, slow down.
Steve: I can't help it man, it's hottie overload.
Doug: Just pace yourself.
Steve: Ok... What's up?... 2, 3, 4. What's up?... 2, 3, 4...

Mr. Zadir: Wait a minute, did you just grab my ass?
Doug: No.
Mr. Zadir: Do you want to?
Doug: No... should I?

Doug: So anyways, I was standing there waiting to use the pay phone.
Steve: Yeah, he was, seriously.
Doug: And this guy who was on the phone, turns around and tips his hat like this.
Steve: And who do you think that guy was?
Doug: Emilio Estevez.
Steve: The Mighty Duck man, I swear to God, I was there.
Doug: Of course you were, you were the one who yelled the Breakfast Clubber's name.
Steve: I was like, "Emilio."

Bouncer: Nobody gets in unless they talk to the list.
Doug: We're on the list.
Bouncer: Name?
Steve: Steve and Doug Butabi.
Bouncer: You're brothers?
Doug: No...?
Steve: YES.
Doug: Man, works every time.
Bouncer: That's very funny.
Steve: Yea, Doug's hilarious.

Mr. Zadir: Dooey, did you just grab my ass?
Dooey: Sir, from where I'm standing, that's a physical impossibilty.
Mr. Zadir: Oh, I know your tricks, Dooey!

Steve: [on his marriage] Dad, is there any way I can get out of this?
Kamehl Butabi: Yes... nooooooo.

Doug: [outside The Roxbury] So... you want to dance?
Girl: We're not in the club yet.
Doug: Right.

Kamehl Butabi: What I do understand is that you're going to a big new hot club tonight. Is that what it is?
Doug: That's right.
Steve: Exactly.
Kamehl Butabi: What I don't understand is how you're gonna get there. [Kamehl takes their car keys]
Doug, Steve: What are you doing? God. Man.

Steve: Oh my god, Doug. This is the most amazing place I've ever been.
Richard Grieco: Guys, guys. This is the coat room. The club's in here.

Cambi: There you are. We got scared.
Doug: Of who, we'll kick his ass.
Cambi: No we got scared someone stole you away from us.
Doug: Oh... oh, like some other girls would steal us away.
Steve: Oh...OH.

Doug: Is that a mirror in your pocket?
Cambi: What?
Doug: 'Cause I can see myself in your pants!

New Club Waiter: Mr. Zadir, Dooey just called from Pismo Beach. He says there's no way he could've grabbed your ass.
Mr. Zadir: What is he up to now?

Steve: I miss Doug!
Kamehl Butabi: He's in the guest house! He's 20 feet away!
Steve: But he doesn't have cable!
Kamehl Butabi: Yes he does! He has Cinemax!
Steve: But there's no HBO! GOD! [runs off crying]

(a Topless woman gets out of the pool and asks for a towel)
Steve: Good, how are you?
Doug: About 8 o'clock, 8:15. Yeah, all the time.
Steve: BMW.
Doug: Right at sunset.
Steve: Vanilla mostly.

Steve: What's up?
Hottie Cop: Do you know you were doing 50?
Doug: [whispers to Steve] Hottie cop likes you. Think she pulls over just anybody? Make a move.
Steve: What's up?
Hottie Cop: Just giving you an $80 ticket.
Doug: [whispers to Steve] She is so into you
Hottie Cop: I want you to do me a favor.
Steve: What ever you say, "T.J. Hooker".
Hottie Cop: (laughs) Please obey all posted speed limits. Have a good night
Steve: It's already been good, now that you have served and protected me.
[Hottie cop leaves]
Doug: Way to go brother! You got her badge number and you got a date to meet her at the Municipal State Court. Up top. Very nice! Yeah!

(Old women asks about fake roses)
Women In Flower Store: How long will they last?
Steve: Well, they'll last forever, cause they're silk. They'll always be there. They'll never die. They'll never change. They'll never say you're not good looking. They'll always be in your room where you left them and not suddenly move out to the guest house


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