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Bulgarian A Professional Football Group
A Professional Football League logo.jpg
Countries Bulgaria
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1948
Number of teams 16
Relegation to Bulgarian B PFG
Levels on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) Bulgarian Cup
International cup(s) Champions League
Europa League
Current champions Levski Sofia (2008-09)
Most championships CSKA Sofia (31)
TV partners PRO.BG, RING.BG
Website Official Site
Soccerball current event.svg A PFG 2009–10

The Bulgarian A Professional Football Group (Bulgarian: "А" Професионална футболна група) commonly known as A PFG (Bulgarian: А ПФГ) or, in terms of sponsorship, TBI A Football Group (Bulgarian: TBI "А" футболна група) since 2005, is the top division of Bulgarian football. It determines the champion of Bulgaria. Sixteen teams take part in the division, each playing twice against all the other, once home and once away. It is administered by the Bulgarian Professional Football League.

The champion of Bulgaria has the right to take part in the UEFA Champions League from the stage allowed by the league's coefficient. The teams that finish second and third in the final standings take part in the Europa League together with the Bulgarian Cup winner.


A PFG clubs


A PFG members for 2009–10

The following sixteen clubs will be competing in A PFG during the 2009–10 season.

Finishing position
in 2008-09
First season in
top division
First season after
most recent promotion
Beroe 1st in Eastern B PFG 1954 2009/10 Beroe Stadium
Botev Plovdiv 13th 1937/38 2005/06 Hristo Botev Stadium (Plovdiv)
Cherno More Varna 3rd 1937/38 2000/01 Ticha Stadium
Chernomorets Burgas 6th 2007/08 2007/08 Lazur Stadium
CSKA Sofia 2nd 1948/49 1948/49 Balgarska Armiya Stadium
Minyor Pernik 11th 1951 2008/09 Minyor Stadium
Levski Sofia 1st 1937/38 1937/38 Georgi Asparuhov Stadium
Litex Lovech 4th 1994/95 1997/98 Lovech Stadium
Lokomotiv Mezdra 8th 2008/09 2008/09 Lokomotiv Stadium (Mezdra)
Lokomotiv Plovdiv 7th 1950 2001/02 Lokomotiv Stadium (Plovdiv)
Lokomotiv Sofia 5th 1939/40 1952 Lokomotiv Stadium (Sofia)
OFC Sliven 2000 12th 2008/09 2008/09 Hadzhi Dimitar Stadium
PFC Montana 1st in Western B PFG 1994/95 2009/10 Ogosta Stadium
Pirin Blagoevgrad 10th 2007/08 2007/08 Hristo Botev Stadium (Blagoevgrad)
Slavia Sofia 9th 1937/38 1937/38 Slavia Stadium
Sportist 2nd in Western B PFG 2009/10 2009/10 Chavdar Cvetkov Stadium


Champion of Bulgaria trophy

Performance by club


The following table lists the Bulgarian champions by cities.

City Titles Winning Clubs
BG Sofia coa.svg Sofia
CSKA Sofia (31), Levski Sofia (26), Slavia Sofia (7), Lokomotiv Sofia (4), AS 23 Sofia (1), Sportclub Sofia (1)
Varna COA.jpg Varna
Cherno More Varna (4), Spartak Varna (1)
Plovdiv-coat-of-arms.svg Plovdiv
Botev Plovdiv (2), Lokomotiv Plovdiv (1), Spartak Plovdiv (1)
Lovech-coat-of-arms.svg Lovech
Litex Lovech (2)
Stara-Zagora-coat-of-arms.svg Stara Zagora
Beroe Stara Zagora (1)
Veliko-Tarnovo-coat-of-arms.svg Veliko Tarnovo
Etar Veliko Tarnovo (1)



  • Most times champion — CSKA Sofia — 31 times
  • Most seasons played in the division — Levski Sofia, who participated in all 85 seasons to date
  • Fewest seasons played in the division — Benkovski Vidin, Cherveno Zname Pavlikeni, Rozova Dolina Kazanlak, Akademik Varna, Olimpik Teteven, PFC Nesebar and PFC Chernomorets Burgas Sofia each have played only a single season in the division
  • Most wins in a single season — Levski Sofia — 26 out of 36 matches during 2001/02
  • Fewest wins in a single seasonTorpedo Ruse (out of 22 matches during 1951) and Rakovski Ruse (out of 30 matches during 1996/97) and Chernomorets Burgas Sofia (out of 30 matches during 2006/07) each did not win a game in a single season
  • Most defeats in a single season — Rakovski Ruse (out of 30 matches during 1996/97) and Chernomorets Burgas Sofia — 29 (out of 30 matches during 2006/2007)
  • Fewest defeats in a single seasonSpartak Sofia (out of 22 matches during 1951), Levski Sofia (out of 18 matches during 1948/49), CSKA Sofia (then CDNA; out of 11 matches in 1958) and CSKA Sofia(out of 30 matches during 2007/2008) each did not lose a game in a single season
  • Most goals scored in a single season — Levski Sofia — 96 goals in 30 matches during 2006/07
  • Fewest goals scored in a single season — Rakovski Ruse (out of 30 matches during 1996/97), Chernomorets Burgas Sofia (out of 30 matches during 2006/07), Torpedo Ruse (out of 22 matches during 1951) and Cherno More Varna (out of 11 matches during 1968) each scored only 8 goals in a single season
  • Most goals conceded in a single season — Chernomorets Burgas Sofia — 131 (out of 30 matches during 2006/07)
  • Least goals conceded in a single season — CSKA Sofia (then CDNA; out of 22 matches during 1951) and Spartak Sofia (out of 22 matches during 1951) each conceded only 7 goals in a single season
  • Biggest win — CSKA Sofia 12:0 Torpedo Ruse in 1951


  • Most times championManol Manolov with CSKA Sofia — 12 times
  • Most matches played in the divisionMarin Bakalov — 454 matches for Botev Plovdiv, CSKA Sofia, Spartak Plovdiv, Maritsa Plovdiv and Olimpik Teteven
  • Most goals in the divisionPetar Zhekov — 253 goals; 8 for Dimitrovgrad, 101 for Beroe Stara Zagora and 144 for CSKA Sofia
  • Most goals in a single seasonHristo Stoichkov — 38 goals for CSKA Sofia during 1989/90
  • Most goals in a single match — Petar Mihaylov (for CSKA Sofia against Torpedo Ruse in 1951), Ivo Georgiev (for Spartak Varna against Spartak Plovdiv in 1995/96),Todor Pramatarov (for Slavia Sofia against Rakovski Ruse in 1996/97)) and Tsvetan Genkov (for Loko Sofia against Chernomorets Burgas Sofia in 2006/2007) each scored 6 goals in a single match


Year Topscorer(s) Club(s) Goals
1938 Krum Milev Slavia Sofia 12
1939 Georgi Pachedzhiev AS 23 Sofia 14
1940 Yanko Stoyanov
Dimitar Nikolaev
Levski Sofia
FK 13 Sofia
1949 Dimitar Milanov
Nedko Nedev
CSKA Sofia
Cherno More Varna
1950 Lyubomir Hranov Levski Sofia 13
1951 Dimitar Milanov CSKA Sofia 14
1952 Dimitar Isakov
Dobromir Tashkov
Slavia Sofia
Spartak Sofia
1953 Dimitar Minchev Spartak Pleven; VVS Sofia 15
1954 Dobromir Tashkov Slavia Sofia 25
1955 Todor Diev Spartak Plovdiv 13
1956 Pavel Vladimirov Minyor Pernik 16
1957 Hristo Iliev
Dimitar Milanov
Levski Sofia
CSKA Sofia
1958 Dobromir Tashkov
Georgi Arnaudov
Slavia Sofia
Spartak Varna
1959 Aleksandar Vasilev Slavia Sofia 13
1960 Dimitar Yordanov
Lyuben Kostov
Levski Sofia
Spartak Varna
1961 Ivan Sotirov Botev Plovdiv 20
1962 Nikola Yordanov
Todor Diev
Dunav Ruse
Spartak Plovdiv
1963 Todor Diev Spartak Plovdiv 26
1964 Nikola Tsanev CSKA Sofia 26
1965 Georgi Asparuhov Levski Sofia 27
1966 Traycho Spasov Marek Dupnitsa 21
1967 Petar Zhekov Beroe Stara Zagora 21
1968 Petar Zhekov Beroe Stara Zagora 31
1969 Petar Zhekov CSKA Sofia 36
1970 Petar Zhekov CSKA Sofia 31
1971 Dimitar Yakimov CSKA 26
1972 Petar Zhekov CSKA Sofia 27
1973 Petar Zhekov CSKA Sofia 29
1974 Petko Petkov
Kiril Milanov
Beroe Stara Zagora
Levski Sofia
1975 Ivan Pritargov Botev Plovdiv 20
1976 Petko Petkov
Pavel Panov
Beroe Stara Zagora
Levski Sofia
1977 Pavel Panov Levski Sofia 20
1978 Stoycho Mladenov Beroe Stara Zagora 21
1979 Rusi Gochev Chernomorets Burgas and Levski Sofia 19
1980 Spas Dzhevizov CSKA Sofia 23
1981 Georgi Slavkov Botev Plovdiv 31
1982 Mihail Valchev Levski Sofia 24
1983 Antim Pehlivanov Botev 20
1984 Eduard Eranosyan
Emil Spasov
Lokomotiv Plovdiv
Levski Sofia
1985 Plamen Getov Spartak Pleven 26
1986 Atanas Pashev Botev Plovdiv 30
1987 Nasko Sirakov Levski Sofia 36
1988 Nasko Sirakov Levski Sofia 28
1989 Hristo Stoichkov CSKA Sofia 23
1990 Hristo Stoichkov CSKA Sofia 38
1991 Ivaylo Yordanov
Petar Mihtarski
Lokomotiv Gorna Oryahovitsa
Levski Sofia
1992 Nasko Sirakov Levski Sofia 26
1993 Plamen Getov Levski Sofia 26
1994 Nasko Sirakov Levski Sofia 30
1995 Petar Mihtarski CSKA Sofia 24
1996 Ivo Georgiev Spartak Varna 21
1997 Todor Pramatarov Slavia Sofia 26
1998 Anton Spasov
Bontcho Guentchev
Naftex Burgas
CSKA Sofia
1999 Dimcho Belyakov Litex Lovech 21
2000 Mihail Mihaylov Velbazhd Kyustendil 20
2001 Georgi Ivanov
Hristo Yovov
Levski Sofia
Litex Lovech
2002 Vladimir Manchev CSKA Sofia 21
2003 Georgi Chilikov Levski Sofia 23
2004 Martin Kamburov Lokomotiv Plovdiv 26
2005 Martin Kamburov Lokomotiv Plovdiv 27
2006 Milivoje Novakovič
Jose Emilio Furtado
Litex Lovech
Vihren and CSKA Sofia
2007 Tsvetan Genkov Lokomotiv Sofia 27
2008 Georgi Hristov Botev Plovdiv 19
2009 Martin Kamburov Lokomotiv Sofia 17


The Bulgarian A PFG has the following sponsors:

  • TBI Bulgaria - the league's general sponsor.
  • Puma - provides the league's official ball.
  • Eko Gas Stations - sponsorship partner.
  • Zagorka - sponsorship partner.

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