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"A Place With No Name"
Song by Michael Jackson
Released July 16, 2009 (leaked)
Genre Pop
Length 0:24 (leaked snippet)

"A Place With No Name" is a song by American recording artist Michael Jackson. A 24-second snippet of the full song was released posthumously by website, following the singer's death in June 2009. The track resembles "A Horse With No Name", a hit song by rock band America. At the time of the leakage, America stated that they were "honored" that Michael Jackson chose to sample their work. It is unknown whether the full version of "A Place With No Name" will ever be released, though it has been claimed that there are "dozens and dozens" of unreleased Jackson songs that could be issued for several years to come. [1]


Background and leakage

In June 2009 musician Michael Jackson—dubbed the "King of Pop"—died at the age of 50 following a cardiac arrest. [2] [3] Three weeks after the singer's death celebrity news website—who were the first media outlet to report the passing—obtained a 24-second snippet of a song entitled "A Place With No Name", and released it onto the internet.[4 ] [1] [5] The track is an unreleased Jackson song that resembles America's "A Horse With No Name", a single that became a number one hit upon its release in 1972 and helped the group's debut album America to achieve multi-platinum status. [1] Despite the similarities between "A Horse With No Name" and "A Place With No Name", Jackson was given permission to record the latter composition.[6 ] To date, it is not known what time period the recording of the track occurred in, although it has been reported that the singer and America shared a manager in the late 1980s and early 1990s. [1]

Jackson's version of "A Place With No Name" is not the first song by a member of the musical Jackson family to sample the work of America. Janet Jackson's hit "Someone to Call My Lover"—from the 2001 album All for You—samples "Ventura Highway", a song from America's 1972 Homecoming album. [5]

Response from America

Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley—two members of the three part band—conveyed their gratitude toward Jackson for choosing their song as a musical template for "A Place With No Name". In their statement to MTV, the musicians also expressed regret that the pop singer's fans did not get to hear the finished version of the track while Jackson was still alive: [5] [1]

We're honored that Michael Jackson chose to record it and we're impressed with the quality of the track. We're also hoping it will be released soon so that music listeners around the world can hear the whole song and once again experience the incomparable brilliance of Michael Jackson [...] Michael Jackson really did it justice and we truly hope his fans—and our fans—get to hear it in its entirety. It’s really poignant. [5] [1]

Bunnell further commented that he was "very proud of the fact that (Jackson) recorded it. It's a good version and an interesting derivative of the original that I wrote." The songwriter noted that he and Beckley were "definitely in the dark" regarding the future of Jackson's music recordings. [7]

Possibility of release

In late August 2009, Rolling Stone noted that no plans had been made for the release of the full version of "A Place With No Name"; currently, only the 24-second snippet is known to exist. In addition to the leaked Jackson song, there is also rumored to be a "vast vault" of the singer's unreleased material, which may be released in the future. [5]

At the time of "A Place With No Name" being leaked, the curator of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jim Henke, noted that any future Jackson releases would garner significant attention. "What we have seen happen in the last three weeks is that the albums that are out here right now are selling in amazing numbers. I think we are going to see amazing interest in any released Michael Jackson material that will come out in the future or a year from now on." [8]

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