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A Return to Salem's Lot
Directed by Larry Cohen
Produced by Larry Cohen
Paul Kurta
Written by Larry Cohen
James Dixon
Starring Michael Moriarty
Andrew Duggan
Samuel Fuller
Rick Reed
June Havoc
Music by Michael Minard
Editing by Armond Leibowitz
Release date(s) September 11, 1987
Running time 100 min.
Country USA
Preceded by Salem's Lot
Followed by 'Salem's Lot (2004 TV miniseries)

A Return to Salem's Lot is an 1987 horror film and in-name only sequel to 'Salem's Lot, written and directed by Larry Cohen. It jettisons Stephen King's original story and characters to explore the premise of a small town inhabited by vampires. The movie was filmed almost entirely in Newbury, Vermont and featured a number of native townspeople in small roles. Tara Reid was also cast, making her screen debut. The film was given an R rating for vampire violence, language, and nudity.


Michael Moriarty plays an amoral anthropologist who has been lumbered with his dysfunctional adolescent son and who returns to Salem's Lot, the town of his birth, to find that it has been taken over by the undead. A few living people are kept around to provide blood for the vampires and to operate the gas station and shops in the daytime. Knowing of the anthropologist's refusal to moralise about other people's lifestyles (in the opening scene he is seen refusing to interfere in a human sacrifice and concerned only for the quality of the film he is shooting), the vampires employ him to write their story. As the vampires' evil nature becomes clear, the anthropologist is joined by a Nazi hunter (played by Samuel Fuller) who helps him save his son, and at the climax the master vampire is impaled on the American flag instead of the traditional stake. As the trio escapes Salem's Lot, the vampires are left in the sun to burn along with their homes.


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