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A Wind Named Amnesia
Wind Named Amnesia.jpg
Box art and alternate box art for the animated film.
(Kaze no Na wa Amunejia)
Genre Adventure
Author Hideyuki Kikuchi
Published 1983
Anime film
Director Kazuo Yamazaki
Studio Madhouse
Released December 22, 1990
Runtime 80 Minutes
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A Wind Named Amnesia (風の名はアムネジア Kaze no Na wa Amunejia ?), also known as Wind of Amnesia in the United Kingdom, is a novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi - writer of the popular Vampire Hunter D, Demon City Shinjuku, and Wicked City - and an anime movie released on December 22, 1990, based on this novel. The film was directed by Kazuo Yamazaki, of the Urusei Yatsura and Maison Ikkoku fame.

It was released on VHS and later DVD (multiple times) in the United States by Central Park Media. Manga Entertainment handled the films VHS release in the United Kingdom, and also produced the English dub for both the US and UK release.



The Apocalypse didn't come with a BANG, but with a whimper. Silently, the amnesia wind swept away all of mankind's knowledge. Thousands of years of human civilization vanished overnight as people forgot how to use the tools of modern civilization - who they were - how to speak - everything. Technology decayed as mankind was reduced to level of cavemen.

Now, two years later, a young man explores a nation reduced to barbarism - America. Miraculously re-educated after the cataclysm, he is accompanied by a young woman - somehow spared the obliterating effects of the amnesia wind. Pursued by a relentless killing machine, they search for those responsible for stealing their memories.


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