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Concello de Abadín

Situation of Abadín within Galicia
Parroquias ?
 - Alcalde (Mayor) ? (?)
 - Total 196.1 km2 (75.7 sq mi)
Population (2005)
 - Total (INE)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 - Summer (DST) CET (UTC+2)
Website ?

Abadín is a municipality in the province of Lugo, Galicia, Spain. It covers 196,1 km² and has a population of 3,250 (2004) for a population density of 16.57/km².


Abadín is situated in the north-east of Terra Chá. The municipality is crossed by the Serra do Xistral, the Cordal de Neda, and the rivers Labrada and Abadín. The mean elevation is of 500 m, and the highest point is Lombo Pequeno at 1015 m.

The countryside of Abadín is dominated by a fertile valley, crossed by the rivers Ouro, Labrada, Abadín, Pontiga, Santandrea, Pedrido, Anllo, Arnela, and Fraga Vella, and surrounded by mountains. They are the important sierras of Cordal de Neda, Toxoso, Tremoal, Couto da Cal, and A Fraga das Vigas, and the nearby mountains of Costa do Sol and O Picouto.

Climate: The mean annual temperature is about 10°C. The rainfalls are high, 1799 mm./year. The winters are cold and rainy, and the summers are dry.

Historically Abadín has been linked to the Ancient Mondonedo Province (Ancient Galicia Kingdom) and the monastic sites of Meira or Lourenza Abbey. These religious and political centres have been related to the arrival by sea in the 5th-6th centuries of Britons from the British Isles (see Bishop Maeloc and Britonia)

Geographical situation of the capital:

43º 20' 47 North

07º 29' 04 West

Area: 196'1 km².


  • Porto das Egoas (631 m.), Argán (585 m.), in the parish of Vilarente;
  • Fonte da Mesa (900 m.), Costa de Currás (782 m.), in the parish of Montouto;
  • Argán (585 m.), in the parish of Moncelos;
  • Lombopequeno (1.015 m.), Río Pedrido (1.005 m.), Ladeiras do Seixobranco (962 m.), Airavella (961 m.), Salgueiriño (935 m.), Redondiño (916 m.), Pena da Cruz (831 m.), Mariñas do Rial (821 m.), Coto da Cal (807 m.), Chao da Fonce (788 m.), Pena do Montrol (779 m.), Curro do Bispo (707 m.), Porto da Calzada Vella (670 m.), A Santa (600 m.), in the parish of Labrada;
  • Roza do Pleito (443 m.), Marco do Forneiro (440 m.), in the parish of Graña;
  • Abelleira (617 m.), Goás (604 m.), Meixón (474 m.), in the parish of Goás;
  • Rego de Bidueira (700 m.), Alto do Seixal (678 m.), Pena Grande (664 m.), in the parish of Galgao;
  • Pena da Auga (831 m.), Pena Labrada (803 m.) in the parish of Fanoi;
  • Sabugueiras (682 m.) e Argán (585 m.) in the parish of Corvite.

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Coordinates: 43°22′N 7°29′W / 43.367°N 7.483°W / 43.367; -7.483



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