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Abd (Arabic: عبد‎) is an Arabic word meaning one who is totally subordinated; a slave or a servant.[1]

It appears in many common Arab names in the liaison with Al (the) form of "Abd ul", "Abd ul-", etc. The names are given in List of Arabic theophoric names and 99 Names of God.

A widespread name ‘Abdullah means "servant of God" or "worshipper of God".

Aside from 99 names of God, it can be associated to other fields, and even prophet Muhammad:

  • Abdul lah (“slave of divinity” or “servant of divinity”)
    • (This is synonym to Abdullah, because Allah is a contraction of al-Ilah from al, “the”, and Ilah is also the Arabic for “God”.)
  • Abd Rabbi-hi (“slave of your Lord” or “servant of your Lord”)
  • Abduh (“Your slave” or “Your servant”)
  • Abdul Nabi (“slave of the Prophet” or “servant of the Prophet”)

It can also be used by Arab Christians and Arabic-speaking Christians, just as long as it is associated to their religion:

  • Abdul Masih (“slave of Messiah” or “servant of Messiah”)
  • Abdul Salib (“slave of the Cross” or “servant of the Cross”)
  • Abdul Shahid (“slave of the Martyr [i.e. Jesus Christ]” or “servant of the Martyr”)
  • Abdul Yasu ("slave of Jesus" o "servant of Jesus")

Further Notes

Abdullah can be also used by Arab Christians, as they refer to God as Allah.

The word Abd is a cognate with the Hebrew word "eved" (עבד), meaning slave.

As "abd" means "slave" in Arabic, the word is sometimes used as a pejorative term to refer to black people.

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