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Abdullah Al-Ahmar (Al-Tall, 1936 —, Arabic: عبدالله الأحمر‎) is a Syrian politician and prominent member of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party. He is the deputy general secretary of the national (pan-Arab) head office (Syrian-based branch).

Ahmar joined Baath Party in 1950s and graduated from Faculty of Law at the University of Damascus in 1964. Soon after, he was appointed as a governor of Hama (1967-1969) then Idlib (1969-1970). In 1970, the regional (of Syria) Baath conference elected him into the regional provisional head office with Hafez Al-Asad after an internal coup in the party that expelled Salah Jadid's faction from power. Few months later, Asad's faction held a meeting and appointed new national (pan-Arab) head office that elected Asad as a general secretary and Ahmar his deputy. This office was competing with another one based in Iraq on being the solely legitimate national head office.

In 1980, Ahmar was re-elected with Asad into the same positions they held since 1971. However, since the death of Asad in 2001, Ahmar is the highest ranked Baath member in Syria, while Bashar Al-Asad is the general secretary of the regional (of Syria) office. As of the organisational splitting hurdles of the party across Arab World, a national conference is not sought to held up and elect new head office.



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