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Abid al-Bukhari (Arabic: عبيد البخيري‎) (the slaves of Bukhari) was an army of black slaves in Morocco under Alaouite ruler Ismail Ibn Sharif. The army's purpose was to gather taxes and centrifugal inclinations of the Moroccan Tribes.[1]



The slaves were trained as children in a camp at Mechraʿ er-Remel. The boys trained masonry, horsemanship, archery, and musketry and on the other hand the girls were prepared for domestic life or entertainment. When they became 15 they got split to various army corps and married, the same would happen to their children. [2]

Under Ismail

Ismail had an army of 150,000 men, graduates of the Mechraʿ er-Remel camp and pirated from the black Saharan tribes. They were well paid and politically powerful to the extend of having the right of owning property between 1697 and 1698.[2]

After Ismail

The quality of the corps could not be sustained after the death of Ismail and the members left their outposts and changed their professions becoming farmers or peasants. In the late 19th century the army dissolved and only a few of its member became the king's personal bodyguard.[2]


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