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According to the Book of Mormon, Abinadi (pronounced /aˈbɪnadaɪ/) was a prophet who lived on the American continent about 150 B.C. In the Book of Mormon account, Abinadi visits the court of King Noah at Lehi-Nephi, and pleads for them to repent of their iniquity. Abinadi gives Noah the message of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to earth in the flesh, to live among the children of men. Noah and his priests threaten Abinadi that unless he recalls all the words he has said against him and his priests, they will kill him. Abinadi stands by his words and the wicked Noah has him burned with fire. One of Noah's priests, Alma the Elder, adheres to Abinadi's message and eventually becomes a prophet himself.



According to Mormon scholars, Abinadi may actually mean "Man/Father come among you" or "Prophet among you" or even "God among you". It is known that Ab (Av) is a Hebrew word for Father (e.g. Abraham; Abba); thus Ab-inadi "Father among you". Ab= father, Abi= my father, nadi=present with you. This name is suitable for his situation as a man among Noah's people[1], and it is noteworthy that his prophecy is that God will come among the children of men.

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