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The Full Wiki project is all about turning community driven reference content into a wealth of unique, compelling, useful information. People don't always want to digest articles by reading them from beginning to end. So we have a left nav companion that highlights the part of the article you're on. People often want more than the encyclopedia, so we have travel guides, quotes, study guides on the same page. People like to see things visually, so we have those Google maps for every article. (Check out this video explaining it). People like to digest things as a story, so soon we'll have timelines for 3 million topics. People want to know what's hot right now, so we tell them for each of Wikipedia's 13,000 categories.

We can answer questions that no other site has on the net. Like the biographical map of David Bowie or what are the most popular unsolved murders in the US.

About us

We're an independent publishing company based in Sydney, Australia. We've been doing this for 9 years now and also produced NationMaster, StateMaster and Factbites. There's an enormous amount of data out there - our mission is to create compelling sites that match that up to the enormous number of specific queries that users have.


We are not currently asking for donations. But a site like this could not be possible without the hard work of contributors to wikis. We encourage you to donate time, money or hardware to Wikimedia Foundation.

Any questions?

We love attention and love to hear back from journalists, bloggers and users. If you have any questions at all, please drop us a line.

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