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Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe

DVD cover for the film
Directed by Damian Lee
Produced by Damian Lee
Written by Damian Lee
Starring Jesse Ventura,
Sven-Ole Thorsen,
Damian Lee,
Jerry Levitan,
Marjorie Bransfield,
Ken Quinn,
James Belushi
Music by Carlos Lopes
Cinematography Curtis Petersen
Editing by Reid Dennison
Release date(s) December 18, 1990 (Japan), February 28, 1991 American Film Market
Running time 90 min
Country United States,
Language English

Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe is a 1990 science-fiction/action film written and directed by Damian Lee and starring Jesse "The Body" Ventura and Sven-Ole Thorsen, with a cameo by James Belushi. It has become somewhat of a cult movie due to its outlandish plot and other B-movie characteristics.

Plot summary

The film revolves around the conflict of Abraxas (Jesse Ventura) and Secundus (Sven-Ole Thorsen), two intergalactic police officers, so-called Finders, of an alien race from a planet called Sargacia. Their race is physically similar to humans but with an incredible lifespan; Abraxas himself has been a Finder for at least nine thousand years. Each Finder is equipped with an Answer Box (a device similar to a Mother Box), which serves as a long-distance communicator and scanner, and can detect any object from a distance based on the object's vibration. Furthermore, when running the test for the Anti-Life Equation, the subject of the scanning will discorporate if he/she does not contain the equation.

In the film, Secundus wishes to access a sort of negative universe which he believes will give him power over our universe and render him immortal. To access this universe, he will need to know the solution to the Anti-Life Equation, which will act as a coordinate of sorts and a way into the negative universe. To do this, he travels to Earth and impregnates the first compatible human female he finds, Sonia Murray (Marjorie Bransfield), by holding his hand over her belly. The baby born from this process is supposed to be a prodigy able to solve the equation. Just a few minutes later, she gives birth to a baby boy whom she names Tommy. Meanwhile, Abraxas corners Secundus and the others of his race can lock onto his location and transport him with a travel warp to the prison planet called Tyrannus 7. Abraxas is ordered to kill Sonia before she can give birth to Secundus' offspring, but he can't do it, and he leaves her alone with Tommy. When Sonia comes home after this ordeal, her parents kick her out of their house when she cannot tell them who the baby's father is. They don't seem to mind the fact that the baby was conceived and born on the same day, though.

Five years later, Tommy has not spoken a word yet but begins to show strange abilities; when he is picked on at school, he makes the bully urinate on himself. The school principal, played by James Belushi, then talks to Sonia about this problem, but she refuses to admit that Tommy has problems, instead blaming the principal. At the same time, Secundus escapes from the prison and teleports to Earth using a wormhole. The Finder police then send Abraxas parallel to Secundus with the same technology, but their paths cross and their weapons are destroyed. Abraxas pursues Secundus, but they become separated; Secundus escapes to recharge his Answer Box, using the fuse box at an automotive shop as a power source. When the owner confronts him, he uses his Answer Box to test the shopowner for knowledge of the Anti-Life Equation. The test somehow causes the owner to explode. This marks the beginning of Secundus's rampage. He steals cars, kills innocent people, and generally causes chaos, all the while scanning many people and looking for the one in possession of knowledge of the Anti-Life Equation.


  • Although widely considered to be a Terminator 2: Judgment Day rip-off, Abraxas was actually produced before T2 had been released.
  • This movie was shot in and around Thornbury, Ontario, Canada.
  • Some of the plot elements are very similar to elements of Jack Kirby's comic book epic cycle The Fourth World. The name of one of the characters, "Abraxas", is actually the original name of the comic villain Darkseid.
  • The beverage brand Pepsi can be spotted several times throughout the film, leaving suspicion of hidden advertisement.

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