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ابڑو ابڙو أبرهة
Tomb of jam nindo.jpg
Tomb of Jam Nizamuddin II (built 1509) at Makli Hills (UNESCO world's heritage site).
Total population
Regions with significant populations
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Sindhi, Siraiki and Balochi


Allah-green.svg Islam

Related ethnic groups

Sindhi, Baloch

The Abro, Abra, Abrah (Urdu: ' ابڑو '), (Sindhi 'ابڙو'), (Arabic 'أبرهة'): is a Samma (tribe), found in Sindh, Balochistan and southern Punjab provinces of Pakistan.



  • According to some traditions, they are descendants of Sam (Shem), the eldest of the three surviving sons of the prophet Nuh (Noah).
  • There are also traditions that the Samma are clan of Muslim Rajputs

Tribal Chiefs

The First Chief of the Abro tribe was " Sardar Mir khan Abro" of village Naich District Larkana Sindh(offsprings residing in Shikarpur, Larkana, Gerello, and naushehro) He got dug the famous Ghar Waah (Canal) from Indus in 1628 A.D which contributed a lot to welfare and economic activity in area.

ابڙو وڏوڙو سوڙو' سمو' سونهن سڀن

تنهن در سڀ اچن كنڌ نه كڍي كڇ ڙڻي

(شاھ عبدالطيف ڀٽائيِ )

The CURRENT TRIBAL CHIEF is Sardar Himmat Ali Khan Kamario Abro(Shikarpur). OTHER ABRO SUB-TRIBE CHIEFS:

  • Sardar Mohammad Bux Khan Kakepoto, (Wakro, Shikarpur)
  • Sardar Wahid Bux Khan Bhayo (Jaggan, Shikarpur)


The major sub-tribes are:

  • Sarki or Sirki سركي
  • Mungrani منگراني
  • kakepota
  • Bhayo بهيو
  • Bhootani بهو تاني
  • Halepota هاليپو ته
  • Jakhro جكهرو
  • Kakepota كاكيپو ته
  • Pechoho پيچوهو
  • Unar انڑ
  • Koreja كوريجو
  • Suheja
  • Sameja سميجو
  • Kamario كماريو
  • Nindani ننداني
  • Sadhayo سدهايو
  • Jeha جيهو
  • Rahuja راهوجو
  • Khuhro كهوڑو
  • Khakhrani کھکھرانی
  • Mirani ميرانی
  • Thebo تھيبو
  • Marfani معرفاني
  • Masore مسور
  • Gadore گدور
  • Lorar لورڑ
  • Korar كورار
  • Ghotio گهوٹيو
  • Agham اگهم
  • Dal دل
  • Baqrani باقراني
  • Kehar كيهر
  • Junejo جونیجو
  • Sario سيريو
  • Sahrangani سهرنگانيي
  • Shairani شيراني
  • Seelro سيلرو
  • Umerzai عمرزئی
  • Lalzai لعل زئی
  • Kakepoto [Sawand]sub caste صاوند
  • Markhiani ماركئیاني
  • Kodrani
  • SHAR



Samma Rule

Family Tree of Samma Kings

The period of Samma rule in Sindh is considered a period of literary and cultural heights. Two centuries later, the famous Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai was still singing their praises in `Sur Bilawal': ``When Alauddin came astride his furious elephants, Jam Abro tied his shield and the whole field shone with sabres. The Samma came to the rescue of damsels in distress - and then all was well.

In the ancient Abro tradition, Saam (protection) was in vogue. The following contemporary evidence exists. Abro, the protector of Soomra womenfolk in Dastan Dodo-. Chanesar, says:

Sultan Alaudin marched with a huge force,

None could dare to face him, who would bear his strokes?
To save Soomra womens' honour, saddled his camel brave Abro.

To redress and protect the helpless ones, he rose,
No tax would be paid by those, who his guidance chose.

Others gave up their proteges but not the mountain king,
Protector of strangers, how could he give up those known to him?
This brave leader saved many a supplicants, who came to his door.

Abro is the greatest refuge of all supplicants,
He gave up all rest, to attend to the call of complainants,
He is the care-taker of the suppressed, and the weak.

Abro amidst all other leaders, a forest's shady tree resembles,
The plains where this skilled one went, none before traversed.
Compassionate and generous Abro, is the best of all leaders,
Many come to him, this king of Katch avoids them not.

Abro Chief

The Family tree

                                  Mir Khan Abro
                                   Khabar Abro
                          Mir Khan-Jam Siddique-Khairuddin
                       Allah Wasayo Khan
                Jalal Khan-Kamal Khan-Mughal Khan
                 |                 |
              Fatah Khan       Mir Khan

Notable people

  • Jam Nizamuddin II: (866–914AH, 1461–1508AD) was the most famous Sultan of the Samma Dynasty.
  • Sardar Darya Khan:(926 A.H) (1519 A.D.)buried in Gerello, district Larkana, was the commander of Samma army who commanded the Battles against the Airguns of Kandahar.
  • Jam Abro:(14 th century A.D) Samma chief the protector of Soomra families, ,For those who seek shelter, with him are safe and secure and killed Alauddin's son Syed Ghazi Salar.[1]
  • Sardar Ibrahim Khan Abro: Famous Chief of Abro Tribe who got Shahadat in the War with Nadir Shah of Iran (1739) his tomb situated near the city of Bhag as "Dargah Brhim Khan".
  • Jamal Abro: Famous Writer and Intellectual.
  • Allama Ali Khan Abro : Scholar
  • Tariq Alam Abro: Writer.
  • Badar Abro:(Hilal-e-Pakistan)writer, Archaeologist and Journalist.
  • Mazhar Abro: story writer and novelist.
  • Sardar Himmat Ali Khan Kamario: Ex Member Provincial Assembly Sindh.
  • Zulfiqar Ali Kumario: Ex-MPA Sindh.

See also

Faisal Abro,,First Pakistani diplomat from the Abro family.


ABRO may refer to:

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  • Munawar Khan Abro

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