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Abyss Web Server
Developer(s) Aprelium
Initial release 2000-02-07
Stable release 2.6 / 2009-01-21; 11 months ago
Operating system Cross-platform
Development status Active
Type Web server
License Freeware and commercial

Abyss Web Server is web server software available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD, created by Aprelium.


Release versions

Abyss Web Server comes in two forms: X1 freeware and X2.


Abyss Web server X1 is freeware and allows these current features:


Abyss web server X2 is a commercial, paid version of the web server, providing the same functionality as X1, but with several enhancements:

  • Dual hosts: (HTTP+HTTPS) connections
  • Virtual hosting (Multiple hosts/domains on one server)
  • Extended bandwidth control
  • Priority support from Aprelium

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