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Democratic Action
Acción Democrática
Leader Henry Ramos
Founded September 13, 1941
Headquarters Caracas
Ideology Social democracy
International affiliation Socialist International
Official site
Politics of Venezuela
Political parties

Democratic Action (Spanish: Acción Democrática, abbreviated as AD) is a social democratic Venezuelan political party. It was established on September 13, 1941 by Rómulo Gallegos, Andrés Eloy Blanco, Luis Beltrán Prieto, Juan Oropeza, Luis Lander, Raúl Ramos, Medardo Medina, Enrique H. Marín, Rafael Padrón, Fernando Peñalver, Luis Augusto Dubuc, César Hernández, José V. Hernández and Ricardo Montilla. Gallegos was a highly prestigious writer, the author of the best-selling Latin American novel, Doña Bárbara, among several others, while Andrés Eloy Blanco was a celebrated Venezuelan poet and a witty humoristic writer.

The party played an important role in the early years of Venezuelan democracy. Many of its founders and early members helped to bring down the dictatorship of Marcos Pérez Jiménez in the late 1950s. Four presidents came from Acción Democrática between the 1960s and 1990s. By the end of the 1990s, however, the party's credibility was almost nonexistent, mostly because of the corruption and poverty that Venezuelans experienced during the last three full-term administrations of the party's time in power, namely, those of Carlos Andrés Pérez (two periods) and Jaime Lusinchi.

At the legislative elections, of 30 July 2000, the party won 29 out of 165 seats in the National Assembly; four additional seats were won by an AD-Copei alliance.

Currently the party is deeply fragmented but is trying to regain the trust of society and fight the government of Hugo Chávez Frías.

In the most recent legislative elections, 4 December 2005, Democratic Action staged an electoral boycott and consequently did not win any seats in the National Assembly.

The trade union confederation CTV is closely linked to AD.

Acción Democrática's current Secretary General is Henry Ramos.

Venezuelan Presidents from AD

President Dates in office Form of entry Occupation
Rómulo Betancourt, 1946.JPG Rómulo Betancourt 1945-1948 Coup d'état Politician
Rómulo Gallegos 1948-1948 Direct elections Writer / Novelist
Rómulo Betancourt 1959-1964 Direct elections Politician
Presidente Leoni.jpg Raúl Leoni 1964-1969 Direct elections Lawyer
Carlos Andrés Pérez 1974-1979 Direct elections Politician
Jaime Lusinchi 1984-1989 Direct elections Physician
Carlos Andrés Pérez.jpg Carlos Andrés Pérez 1989-1993 Direct elections Politician
Ramón José Velásquez 1993-1994 Interim president Historian

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