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The signing of the Act Zluky, on the St. Sophia Square in Kiev.

The Act Zluky (Ukrainian: Акт Злуки) was an agreement signed on January 22, 1919 by the Ukrainian People's Republic and the West Ukrainian People's Republic on the St. Sophia Square in Kiev. The agreement was aimed at creating a unified Ukrainian state, a movement long awaited by the intelligentsia on both sides.[1] However, the Act Zluky was regarded as purely symbolic in that both governments still retained their own separate armies, administrations and government structure.[1]

A copy of the Act Zluky, signed on January 22, 1918.

The text of the universal made by the Directorate of the Ukrainian People's Republic:

The territory of Ukraine, divided over the centuries, including Galicia, Bukovyna, Carpathian Ruthenia, and Dnieper Ukraine will now become a great united Ukraine. Dreams, for which the best sons of Ukraine fought and died for, have come true.[2]

On January 21, 1999, the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma issued a decree, creating a government holiday the "Day of Reunion of Ukraine" (Ukrainian: День Соборностi України, Den’ Sobornosti Ukrayiny), which is to be celebrated every year on January 22.[3]

To mark the 71st anniversary of the signing of the Act Zluky in 1990, over 300,000 Ukrainians[4] created a human chain (approx. 482 km (300 mi))[4] from the capital Kiev to the western Ukrainian city of Lviv on January 21, 1990.[5][6] The chain, the largest public demonstration in Ukraine since the beginning of Glasnost,[4] was funded by the People's Movement of Ukraine (Rukh).[4] Also, for the first time since the period of the Ukrainian People's Republic, the blue and yellow national flag was raised.[7]

Over 300,000 Ukrainians participated in the human chain on January 21, 1990.

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