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On 5 November 1813, late in the Napoleonic Wars, a British squadron engaged in a skirmish with the French Mediterranean Fleet, based near the port city of Toulon. This action was part of an attempted blockade of the port by British forces. The skirmish became the subject of a painting by Thomas Luny, entitled The Blockade of Toulon, 1810-14: Pellew's Action, 5 November 1813. [1]


Ships involved


  • Caledonia 120 (Jeremiah Coghlan)
  • San Josef 112 (William Stewart)
  • Boyne 98 (George Burlton)
  • Pompée 74 (James Athol Wood)
  • Scipion 74 (Henry Heathcote)
  • Mulgrave 74
  • Pembroke 74
  • Armada 74


  • Wagram 130 (François Legras)
  • Agamemnon 74
  • Ulm 74
  • Magnanime 74
  • Borée 74
  • Pauline 40
  • Melpomène 40 (Charles Beville)
  • Pénélope 40
  • Galatée 40

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