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Adam Cheng
Chinese name 鄭少秋
Chinese name 鄭少秋 (Traditional)
Chinese name 郑少秋 (Simplified)
Pinyin Zhèng Shàoqiū (Mandarin)
Jyutping Zeng6 Siu3 Cau1 (Cantonese)
Ancestry Taishan, Guangdong
Origin Hong Kong
Born February 4, 1947 (1947-02-04) (age 62)
Hong Kong
Occupation Actor, Singer
Genre(s) Cantopop
Instrument(s) Singing
Spouse(s) Lydia Shum (1985-1988)
Koon Jing Wah (1989-)
Children Cheng On Yee
Cheng Yan Yee
Cheng Wing Hei
Cheng Wing Yan

Adam Cheng Siu-Chow (born February 4, 1947 in Hong Kong with family roots in Taishan, Guangdong) is a popular TVB actor and singer in Hong Kong.


Career history

He started his career in the 1970s, where he gained a reputation for being the suave leading man in wuxia drama series made by TVB. Many of these are based on novels by Louis Cha and Gu Long. He often sang the theme songs of the TV dramas he starred in, such as The Greed of Man, Cold Blood Warm Heart and Chor Lau Heung. Many of these series are considered classics. Recently, he played a role in The Driving Power, he sang the theme song in this one also.

He has a total of four daughters. The first one, Cheng On Yee was from a low profile marriage that ended in divorce. He married Lydia Shum in 1985 after 14 years of cohabitation. They had a daughter, Joyce Cheng Yan Yee in 1987, but they divorced just eight months after Joyce was born. In 1989, he remarried and had another two daughters, Cheng Wing Yan and Cheng Wing Hei.

He has continued acting in TV series by TVB today and is considered one of the most enduringly popular actors of the company. However when the hugely iconic and beloved Lydia Shum died, the public was reminded of his abandonment of her.

The Ding Hai Effect

In the 1990s, TVB aired the classic drama The Greed of Man, which centred heavily around the stock market, and the schemes and plots of those who struck it rich in the market. Cheng's character in the drama, Ding Hai, made an immense fortune by short selling derivatives and stocks during a bear market. Many people went broke, but the Ding family became richer and richer until an eventual defeat by the family's nemesis.

Cheng is associated with the Ding Hai Effect, a peculiar and unexplained phenomenon that apparently causes a drop in global stock markets whenever he stars in a new TV show. No reason is given for this effect, and it has been a popular topic amongst stock brokers years after the drama series was broadcast in Hong Kong in 1993.


  • 愛人結婚了(1971)
  • 紫色的戀情 (1972)
  • 莫把愛情玩弄 (1972)
  • 煙雨濛濛 (1973)
  • 秋哥有錢 (1974)
  • 紫釵記 (1975)
  • 洛神·同屋共主 (1975)
  • 伴侶 (1975)
  • 天涯孤客 (1976)
  • 寶蓮燈 (1976)
  • 留住了歡笑 (1977)
  • 江山美人 (1977)
  • 歡樂年年 (1977)
  • 倚天屠龍記 (1978)
  • 陸小鳳 (1978)
  • 合唱精選(1978)
  • 一劍鎮神州 (1979)
  • 心思思-旅美演唱歌曲精選(1979)
  • 楚留香(1979)
  • 輪流傳·名劍 (1980)
  • 粤語流行曲精選 (1981)
  • 流氓皇帝 (1981)
  • 烽火飛花 (1981)
  • 飛鷹 (1981)
  • 富貴榮華 (1982)
  • 新蜀山劍俠 (1983)
  • 夾心人·火燒圓園 (1983)
  • 勁歌 (1984)
  • 有求必應 (1986)
  • 秋意 (1988)
  • 鄭少秋精選 (1992)
  • 大時代 (1993)
  • 笑看風云 (1995)
  • 天大地大 (1995)
  • 男人四十一頭家 (1995)
  • 天涯孤客 (1997)
  • 最佳友情人 (1999)
  • 鄭少秋世紀之選 (2001)
  • 金禧經典 (2002)
  • 歡樂年年(賀年專輯) (2004)
  • 楚漢驕雄·血薦軒轅(鄭少秋主題曲集) (2004)
  • 家傳戶曉演唱會2005 (2005)



Year Title
1980 *The Sword
1983 Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain
1984 Shaolin and Wu Tang
1988 Gunmen
1989 Seven Warriors
1990 Path of Glory
1993 Painted Skin
Fong Sai Yuk
Fong Sai Yuk II
1994 Shaolin Popey 2: Messy Temple
Shao Lin Popeye 2 - Messy Temple

TV Series

NOTE: Most of the series mentioned where shown on the TVB Jade network

Year Title
1976 Chinese Folklore
The Legend Of The Book and the Sword
1977 The Great Vendetta
The Kingdom And The Beauty
Luk Siu Fung
1978 Vanity Fair
The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber
One Sword
1979 Chor Lau Heung
Over The Rainbow
1980 Five Easy Pieces
Odd Couple
1981 Brothers Four
In Love and War
The Hawk
The Misadventure of Zoo
1982 The Switch
1983 The Sandwich Man
1985 The New Adventures of Chu Liuxiang
1986 Legendary of Wud
The Legend of Wong Tai Sin
1987 Fate Takes a Hand
1988 Behind Silk Curtains
Final Verdict
Challenge of the Imperial Palace
1991 Chronicles of Emperor Qianlong
1993 The Greed of Man
1994 Instinct
Forty Something
1995 The Legend of Chu Liuxiang
Cold Blood Warm Heart
The Legendary Chin Lung II
1996 Once Upon a Time in Shanghai
2004 Blade Heart
The Conqueror's Story
2005 The Princes Shadow
2006 Bar Bender
Inside the Forbidden City
2007 Return in Glory
2009 The King of Snooker
2009 God of Medicine


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