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Adam Gates
Also known as Filthy Ape, Bob C. Cock
Origin San Francisco
Genres Progressive rock
Associated acts Madame Blavatsky Overdrive
No Forcefield
The Spent Poets

Adam Gates (aka Filthy Ape and Bob C. Cock) is a vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist and composer from the San Francisco Bay Area. He was lead singer for The Spent Poets who released a self-titled album[1] and toured nationally in the early 1990s.[2] Gates toured in 1996 with Les Claypool as guitarist for Holy Mackerel appearing on Highball with the Devil. He has been a member of No Forcefield which included Larry LaLonde and Bryan Mantia (also both of Primus). More recently he played the character of Steve "Aiwass" Hampton Trouzdale in Claypool's film Electric Apricot. Gates has also made guest appearances at Les Claypool's New Year's Eve shows.

As of 2007 he currently is a member of Madame Blavatsky Overdrive from Oakland, California self-described as "progressive pop."[3]


Years with Primus

Gates is also notable as a close friend and a road crew member of the funk metal band Primus. He has appeared in a few of the band's videos ("Jerry Was A Race Car Driver", "My Name Is Mud" and "Cheesy Home Video" among them). As "Bob Cock" he often made cameo appearances at the band's live shows, usually dressed up as something or someone (e.g. in a chicken suit, or as George W. Bush). Gates also had a Primus related band called "Bob Cock and the Yellow Sock," although Les usually ended up playing the shows because "Bob Cock couldn't make it tonight". It has also been noted that Bob's middle initial is "C" for Cock.

Bob Cock is mentioned in several Primus recordings. In Primus's cover of Pink Floyd's "Have a Cigar" as opposed to "...that is really what we think -and by the way, which one's Pink?" as in the original, the Primus version states "Of the town you are the talk, and who the hell's this guy they call Bob Cock?" He is also mentioned at the beginning of a live performance of "Groundhog's Day" by Primus, from the album Suck on This. Before beginning the song, Les Claypool says "Hey hey, Bob Cock here!" A clip of this is also inserted at the end of the same song on the album Frizzle Fry , with heavy delay added.

As of recent, Gates has killed off the "Cock" character with rumors of a cocaine overdose and a bizarre gerbilling accident in Mexico. On the DVD that accompanies Primus' Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People EP; there is an extra (accessible by entering "7" in the attic) where Bob C. Cock is in heaven (blue backdrop with clouds and a Britney Spears Calendar), doing drugs with Jesus. "Gates" is credited on the DVD.R.I.P bob PRIMUS ROCKS

Selected discography

  • The Spent Poets, The Spent Poets (1992)
  • Highball with the Devil, Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel (1996)
  • Lee's Oriental Massage 415-626-1837, No Forcefield (2000)
  • Stray, No Forcefield (2001)
  • Idiot Jones Will Have His Day, Madame Blavatsky Overdrive (2006)


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