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Adam Świętołdycz Kisiel (1600-1653) was a voivode of Kijów or Bracław Voivodship (sources vary) (1649-1653) and castellan or voivode of Czernichów (1639-1646). He was the last Orthodox senator of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Of Eastern Orthodox faith, educated in Zamość Academy in spirit of humanism and tolerance, he persuaded king Władysław IV Waza to reinstate the Orthodox hierarchy and he acted as an intermediary between the royal court, Sejm and Cossacks.[1]

He was a mediator in the 1637 Pawluk Uprising. Afterwards he was responsible for conscription of 5,000 Registered Cossacks.

During Khmelnytsky Uprising he was one of the most prominent members of the negotiations and pro-Cossack factions among the szlachta. In the very beginning of the Uprising he sent an Eastern Orthodox monk, Petroni Łaska, to try to calm down the Cossacks and begin negotiations. The Sejm resolution of 22 July 1648 chose him, Aleksander Sielski, podkomorzy poznański, Franicszek Dubrawski, podkomorzy przemyski and Teodor Obuchowicz, podkomorzy mozyrski, to negotiate with Khmelnytsky. The negotiations ended in failure by February 1649.

Brother of Mikołaj Kisiel (ok. 1605-1651), polkovnyk of Cossacks.

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