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Adam Wiśniowiecki

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Noble Family Wiśniowiecki
Coat of Arms Korybut
Parents Aleksander Wiśniowiecki
Aleksandra Kapuścianka
Consorts Aleksandra Chodkiewicz
Children Krystyna Wiśniowiecka
Date of Birth 1566
Place of Birth  ?
Date of Death 1622
Place of Death  ?

Adam Wiśniowiecki (c. 1566 – 1622) Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth szlachcic and magnate. Supported False Dmitriy I during the Muscovy Time of Trouble, famous, together with Konstanty Wiśniowiecki (1564-1641), for being the 'finders' of the False Dmitriy I.

Married Aleksandra Chodkiewicz before 1601. Daughter Krystyna Wiśniowiecka born in 1602.

Korybut Coat of Arms

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