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Mark Sinnis was the cofounder of the New York City Punk/ Gothic band Apostates, along with his brother Francis Xavier. The band was created in 1988 by the two. The band released a Demo and appeared on several Lower East Side N.Y.C. compliations. After the compilations APOSTATES released a Single, "Burning World Of Hate" on the California label, Vinyl Communications. In 1990, after one of many line up changes, the bands primary songwriter Mark Sinnis decided to move the direction to a darker Gothic sound; and a self released full length album "In Vain" followed.
APOSTATES also released several songs on the German label OX Records. The band released their second and last album "Ashtray" in 1995 but the album achieved little success compared to the debut. By the time "Ashtray" was released Sinnis was already moving into a new direction. After ten years APOSTATES made their mark in the New York City Punk/Gothic scene playing everywhere from the underground Squats to the Limelight and CBGB’S. In 1998, after a ten year run, and numerous revolving door line-up changes, Mark Sinnis and Francis Xavier ended the band.
In 1998 Mark Sinnis took his songs that he wrote with Apostates and started Ninth House, he still plays many of those songs in the new band. His brother continued to play drums in this band. Ninth House also has had several line up changes, but since Sinnis is the songwriter continuity has been maintained. Ninth House has three full length CDs to date. The first release, “Swim In The Silence” ( released in 2000) featured the single “Injury Home” which appeared on the Fox TV show “ANGEL.” In 2005, the band released their 2nd album, “The Eye That Refuses to Blink,” which features impressive renderings of 2 classic 80s tracks, “The Ghost in You” and “Send Me an Angel,” along with a guest vocal appearance on the gothic anthem “Forsaken Psalm” by, Voltaire. Their CD “Realize And It’s Gone” was released in June 2007 and features the Johnny Cash classic “Ghost Riders In The Sky”.Ninth House as of 2008 remains active playing the New York City music circuit and have built a devoted following. All of Ninth House's music is available through Seattle-based indie Label SINister Records or Sinnis's label 9th Recordings.Mark Sinnis in 2008 released his first Solo CD. A New York City music scene veteran, he has reinvented his trademark Cemetery & Western sound with a dark acoustic album that incorporates gothic undertones and hints of traditional country music.With rich vocals that have been compared to a cross between Ian Curtis (Joy Division) and Johnny Cash, "Into An Unhidden Future", released in March 2008, contains 19 contemporary tracks with melodic compositions and thought provoking lyrics. Mark Sinnis regularly plays throughout the tri-state area. He has had a music career spanning 20 years.


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