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The Addled Parliament was the second Parliament of England of the reign of James I of England (following his 1604-11 parliament), which sat in 1614. Its name alludes to its ineffectiveness: it lasted no more than eight weeks and failed to resolve the conflict between the king, who wished to raise money in the form of a 'Benevolence', a grant of £65,000 and the House of Commons (who were resisting further taxation). It was dissolved by the king.

Parliaments Objections

The main reason for the failure of the Addled Parliament is James I attempt to force the Great Contract through. James' attitude towards Parliament, a reflection of his view on the Divine right of Kings had only served to anger Parliament and embitter relations with the king. Parliament also saw no reason for a further grant. They had agreed to raise £200,000 per annum as part of the Great Contract and as the war with Spain had reached it resolution (Treaty of London (1604)) they saw the King's continued financial deficit as a result of his extravagance (especially on Scottish favourites such as Robert Carr) and saw no justification for continued high spending. Moreover there remained the continuing hostility as a result of the kings move of setting impositions without consulting Parliament.

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