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Adgillis II
Reign Possibly 734 - 748
Born 719
Died 741

Adgillis II (719-741) was an obscure historical figure who may have been Ruler of Frisia between 734 and 741. No contemporary accounts of his rule exist, but the scanty information available suggests that King Poppo (ruled 719-734) was succeeded by someone called Adgillis. Eggerik Benninga made a brief record in his 16th century chronicle of the Frisians. This information would have been based on earlier documents that have since been lost.

Adgillis II may have been the third son of King Radboud, Poppo's predecessor. Adgillis II was probably Poppo's brother. Poppo himself died in the Battle of the Boarn against the Franks in 734. This Frisian defeat allowed Charles Martel to capture all of the Kingdom of Frisia west of Lauwers. The Frisian controlled lands were limited to the coast and islands. It is at this point that Adgillis II would have succeeded Poppo.



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