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Subdivisions of Armenia
Armenia map numbered.svg
Map ref. Administrative
1 Aragatsotn Ashtarak
2 Ararat Artashat
3 Armavir Armavir
4 Gegharkunik Gavar
5 Kotayk Hrazdan
6 Lori Vanadzor
7 Shirak Gyumri
8 Syunik Kapan
9 Tavush Ijevan
10 Vayots Dzor Yeghegnadzor
11 Yerevan
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Administrative divisions
Aragatsotn · Ararat · Armavir
Gegharkunik · Kotayk · Lori · Shirak
Syunik · Tavush · Vayots Dzor
Yerevan (city with special status)

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Armenia is subdivided into eleven administrative divisions. Of these, ten are provinces, known as marzer (մարզեր) or in the singular form marz (մարզ) in Armenian.

Yerevan is treated separately and granted special administrative status as the country's capital. The chief executive in each of 10 marzes is the marzpet, appointed by the government of Armenia. In Yerevan, the chief executive is the mayor, appointed by the president.



The following is a list of the provinces with population, area, and density information. Figures are from the National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia. Note that the area of the Gegharkunik Province includes Lake Sevan which covers 1,278 square kilometers (493.4 sq mi) of its territory. To sort the information, use the arrow devices in the table headings.

Province Population  % Density
Yerevan 1,091,235 36.3% 5,196.4 /km2 (13,458.6/sq mi)
Shirak 257,242 8.6% 96.0 /km2 (248.6/sq mi)
Armavir 255,861 8.5% 206.2 /km2 (534.1/sq mi)
Lori 253,351 8.4% 66.8 /km2 (173/sq mi)
Ararat 252,665 8.4% 126.1 /km2 (326.6/sq mi)
Kotayk 241,337 8.0% 114.9 /km2 (297.6/sq mi)
Gegharkunik 215,371 7.2% 58.9 /km2 (152.6/sq mi)
Syunik 134,061 4.5% 29.8 /km2 (77.2/sq mi)
Aragatsotn 126,278 4.2% 45.8 /km2 (118.6/sq mi)
Tavush 121,963 4.1% 39.1 /km2 (101.3/sq mi)
Vayots Dzor 53,230 1.8% 22.1 /km2 (57.2/sq mi)

Communities (hamaynkner)

Within each province are communities (hamaynkner, singular hamaynk). Each community is self-governing and consists of one or more settlements (bnakavayrer, singular bnakavayr). Settlements are classified as either towns (kaghakner, singular kaghak) or villages (gyugher, singular gyugh). As of 2007, Armenia includes 915 communities, of which 49 are considered urban and 866 are considered rural. The capital, Yerevan, also has the status of a community.[1] Additionally, Yerevan is divided into twelve semi-autonomous districts.

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  1. ^ "Regional Administration Bodies". The Government of the Republic of Armenia. Retrieved 2008-09-11.  

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