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Administrator (sometimes abbreviated admin) may refer to:

In computing:

  • Database administrator, a person who is responsible for the environmental aspects of a database
  • Forum administrator, one who oversees discussions on an Internet forum
  • Network administrator, engineers involved in computer networks
  • Server administrator, a person who acts as the administrator for an Internet gaming or other type of server
  • Superuser, a type of computer user with administrative privileges
  • Sysop, a System operator; commonly used term for an administrator of a multi-user website.
  • System administrator, a person responsible for running technically advanced information systems


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Administrator m. (genitive Administrators, plural Administratoren)

  1. administrator, admin

Related terms

  • Verwalter m.

Simple English

Administrators are people who organize things like businesses. All businesses have administrators. They make decisions, organize the people who work there and make sure that things are working alright and there are no problems. Their work is called "administration". The administrators are part of the "management".

Administrator is also the person in charge of some of the small territories of the United Kingdom, for example Ascension Island and the British Antarctic Territory which are too small to run their own government.

On the Internet, an "administrator" means something a little different. On the Internet, an administrator is like a top boss and a police officer. He or she can even ban someone if they are putting bad things on the Internet.


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