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Adolph Modéer (1738–1799) was a Swedish surveyor, economic historian and naturalist. As a naturalist he was mainly interested in malacology and entomology. He also worked on jellyfish. As an economic historian, he wrote on the history of Sweden's trade.

Modéer worked as a surveyor from 1755, and was Secretary of the Medical Society at Stockholm and from 1786 a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

His publications as a naturalist were:

  • Någre märkvärdigheter hos insectet Cimex ovatus pallide-griseus, abdominis lateribus albo nigroque variis, alis albis, basi scutelli nigricante. - Kongliga Vetenskaps Academiens Handlingar 25 (1-3): 41-47, Tab. II [= 2]. Stockholm. (1764).
  • Bibliotheca helminthologica, seu Enumeratio auctorum qui de vermibus scilicet eryptozois, gymnodelis, testaceis atque phytozoois tam vivis quam petrificatis scripserunt edita ab Adolpho Modeer (J.J. Palmium, Erlangen, 1786).
  • Styng-Flug-Slägtet (Oestrus). - Kongliga Vetenskaps Academiens Nya Handlingar 7 (4-6, 7-9): 125-158, 180-185. Stockholm (1786).
  • Slägtet Pipmask, Tubipora. - Kongliga Vetenskaps Academiens Nya Handlingar 9 (7-9): 219-239, 241-251, Tab. VII [= 7]. Stockholm (1788).
  • Om Slägtet Trumpetmask, Triton. - Kongliga Vetenskaps Academiens Nya Handlingar 10 (1-3): 52-56, Tab. II [= 2]. Stockholm (1789).


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