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The Adrar des Ifoghas is a sandstone massif in Mali's Kidal Region, having an area of about 250,000 km².

The area is characterized by wide, shallow valleys, and is strewn with piles of eroded granite blocks. The massif's valleys open to the Tamesna plain on the east, to the Telemsi fosse on the west, to the western basin of the Azaouak valley on the south, and to the Tanezrouft on the north. Cities of the area include Kidal, Aguel'hoc, Boughessa, Essouk, and Tessalit.

The Adrar des Ifoghas is known locally as "Adagh"; "Adrar" is the Berber word for mountain, while "Ifogha" is the name of an aristocratic Tuareg clan, "Kel Ifoghas," who have dominated the region for generations. Like most Tuareg, the Kel Ifoghas are nomadic, raising camels, goats, and sheep for sustenance and for sale.

The area is rich in archaeological remains, particularly rock drawings which depict men hunting, farming, and cattle-rearing [1]; the skeleton of Asselar man was also found in the area by Théodore Monod. In recent years, the Adrar des Ifoghas has also become popular for treks.


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  • This article was begun from a translation from the corresponding French article, accessed 17 December 2005.
  • Velton, Ross. Mali: The Bradt Travel Guide. London: Bradt Publications, 2000.

Simple English

The Adrar des Ifoghas is a sandstone high area in the Kidal Region of Mali. Is has an area of about 250,000 km².

There are wide, shallow valleys, and many granite rocks. The Tamesna Plain is to the east. The Telemsi Fosse is to the west The low, western part of the Azaouak Valley is to the south. Tanezrouft is to the north. Kidal, Aguel'hoc, Boughessa, Essouk and Tessalit are cities in this area.

The Adrar des Ifoghas is called "Adagh" in the local language. "Adrar" is the Berber word for mountain, and "Ifogha" is the short name of a rich Tuareg family. This family (the "Kel Ifoghas") has been very powerful in this area for a long time. They are nomads and they eat and sell camels, goats and sheep.

The area has many old archaeological places. The rock drawings showing men hunting, farming, and looking after cows[1] are very important. Asselar Man's bones were also found here by Théodore Monod. Recently, the Adrar des Ifoghas has become popular for hiking.



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