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Adriatic–Ionian Motorway
From: Trieste, Italy
To: Kalamata, Greece
Countries: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece
Major cities: Trieste, Rijeka, Split, Dubrovnik, Trebinje, Podgorica, Tirana, Igoumenitsa, Patras, Kalamata

Adriatic–Ionian motorway (Croatian: Jadransko–jonska autocesta; Montenegrin: Jadransko–jonski autoput) is a future motorway that will stretch along the entire eastern shore of Adriatic and Ionian seas, spanning the western border of the Balkan peninsula.



The road is planned to be built to full motorway standards. It will start in Trieste, Italy, pass through Slovenia, enter Croatia near Rijeka, and continue through Croatia as part of A1 motorway. Because the Croatian territory near Dubrovnik is very narrow along the coast, a small section of the motorway may pass near Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina[citation needed] before entering Montenegro. Passing Podgorica, the motorway will enter Albania north of Lake Scutari, and continue south via Tirana and Durrës. Exiting Albania, the motorway will probably follow the Greek section of E55 route.

The road is seen as a matter of national importance to Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. Those countries have launched an initiative to list the motorway with Pan-European corridors in order to be able to secure foreign funding.



So far, Croatia has made the biggest progress on its section by completing important parts of A7 highway and the building of A1 highway. Currently the A1 ends near the city of Ploče. It's still undecided how and if the A1 will be build towards the Montenegrin border near Dubrovnik. Until then, the D8 (also known as Adriatic Highway) carries the main traffic to Montengro. The D8 will be upgraded to an expressway between Ploce and Dubrovnik.


In Montengro there are currently only plans to build an expressway or highway from Herceg Novi to Lake Scutari via Podgorica. Part of these plans is Verige bridge crossing the Bay of Kotor. Beacause construction of Belgrade–Bar motorway is more important for Montenegro and there are only limited funds available, it's expected that the Adriatic-Ionian motoway section in Montegro won't be build in the near future.


Albania has finished big parts of its north-south corridor connecting Montenegro and Greece (consists of SH1 and SH4 highways) and therefore only few parts of the Adriatic–Ionian motorway aren't build yet. Those incomplete parts are the route between the Albanian-Montenegrin border and Shkodër (Hani i Hotit - Shkoder, about 46 km), as well as the route between Fier and Tepelenë (about 70 km). A parallel route stretching along the Ionian Sea is Vlora-Saranda. It has been recently reconstructed and was opened in 2009. However, it is unlikely to be further widened and become part of the motorway.
Most parts of these new segments are only 2 lane highways (called "superstradë") instead of the proposed 4 lane motorway (called "autostradë"). It's expected that those parts will be upgraded step by step in the future.

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