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Gap Girls

Gap Girls features Adam Sandler as Lucy and David Spade as Kristy, two teenage girls who work at the Gap. Chris Farley appears randomly as Cindy, their manager. Their answer to a customer's fashion dilemma, no matter what, was "just cinch it!" – tighten the belt – which became the skit's catchphrase. One time when Courteney Cox was a guest they were on 'Gapardy' a parody of jeopardy hosted by Debby (Courteney Cox) , they got every question wrong and the categories were 'Whatever' , 'Would You' , 'Famous Skanks' , 'Cinch It' , 'History of Scrunchies' , 'I'm just telling you what I heard' and the only serious one 'Native Americans', which Kristy won because she beat them in rock , paper, scissors.

Lane Maxwell

Lane Maxwell, also known as "Lane Maxwell, professional psychic" portrayed by Dana Carvey. He is a rather sympathetic psychic, who is normally in a happy mood due to the fact that he is always, as he describes it, "two and one quarter steps ahead of everybody." He is the author of the fictitious autobiography I Knew You Were Gonna Buy This Book, which is mentioned in all the sketches featuring him.

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Template:Unref The Adult Students (Fred Armisen, Rachel Dratch, Tracy Morgan, and Horatio Sanz) were recurring characters in sketches on Saturday Night Live. They are socially awkward individuals who enroll in night school classes such as dance class (taught by host Adrien Brody), or a class in social communication (taught by host Salma Hayek) for the purpose of beginning a relationship. Armisen's character, Gabe Fisher, seems to have a slight autistic tendency, and always ends up becoming mutually attracted to Dratch's character Ruth, a middle-aged New Yorker with a dry, ironic sense of humor. Morgan's character is AJ, a low-income, under-educated man who is always paired in exercises with Sanz's character, Vasquez, who has the mind of a four year old and a speech impediment. When Morgan left the show in 2003, his character was replaced by another one named Pete (played by Chris Parnell), a bitter divorcé in a cooking class skit with host Jack Black. This was the last appearance (to date) of the Adult students, so Parnell's character is not recurring.

The four Adult Students typically end the sketch by going to a bar to practice their acquired skills in the real world.

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