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An adult non-pornographic website is a website about issues related to human sexuality. It is not a pornographic website, although it may contain images of a graphic nature. The goals of such sites are generally to help educate, inform, and raise awareness of particular sexual matters, and may also include questionnaires for research on a particular sexual issue.

They are generally not suitable for children to visit, but they often contain information that can be useful in the education of children as well as adults. Some sites offer separate sections for younger teens as an adjunct to their main site.[1]

They often encourage participation from the public, especially while a site is in its beginning stages. This has led to some controversy, as a wide range of sexual activities and practices are often documented. Activities that are in conflict with certain moral or religious beliefs often may spur debate.



Adult non-pornographic websites are difficult to classify in most mainstream web directories and search engines. Due to the nature of their sexual content, they are often mistaken as pornographic sites. However, people who visit them are often seeking something other than pornography.[2], such as information on a wide variety of sexual topics or discussions with other individuals. They often do not conform to the general stereotypes and expectations of websites about sex.

Although they can be labeled "adult" due to the nature of their content, most such sites do not require the reader to be of a certain age. However, it is generally understood that the content of the sites is intended for an audience that is mature and responsible. For this reason, some sites have sections specifically for teen readers.


Although they are in a broad sense all concerning sex, most explore more complex and detailed issues, such as masturbation, sexual orientation, specific sexual techniques or methods, the politics and philosophies of sex, personal sexual histories (biographies), and theory, among many others. Some concentrate on very specific topics related to sexuality such as female sexuality or male sexuality. Although their scope is more narrow, they tend to document very detailed or rare content.

Concerns and criticism

The most common blanket criticism commonly cites morality as the issue of the complaint: "A significant number of people believe that freely documenting sexual ideas and behaviors leads individuals to such problems as: moral decay, sex addiction, infidelity, increased homosexuality, premarital sex, and various other moral issues." [3]

These concerns can be caused by a lack of professional monitoring or the availability of instant and unreviewed publishing, such as Internet forums or public online chat. While websites may enforce restrictions on their contributors regarding what they write,[4] it is true that inappropriate content may be published.

Concerns about under-age children viewing or participating in these sites is usually a major concern for both opponents of them and their editors or webmasters. There are no fool-proof ways to verify the age of participants on free sites or to prevent under-age individuals from viewing content that guardians may perceive to be inappropriate. However, some sites have taken the approach of redirecting viewers who voluntarily indicate their age to more age-appropriate pages, either a subset of the site or another unassociated website.[3]

Another concern may be with a site's advertisers or sponsors, as they are generally companies selling sexual products or services. Some popular sites have discontinued working with financial sponsors, instead relying solely on reader donations—however, generally only sites with high levels of web traffic can support themselves in this way.[5]

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