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Adventures in Modern Recording
Studio album by The Buggles
Released 1981
Recorded 1981
Genre Synthpop, New Wave
Length 34:29
Label Carrere
Producer Trevor Horn, John Sinclair, Geoff Downes
Professional reviews
The Buggles chronology
The Age of Plastic
Adventures in Modern Recording
Singles from Adventures in Modern Recording
  1. "I Am a Camera"
    Released: October 1981
  2. "Adventures in Modern Recording"
    Released: January 1982
  3. "On TV"
    Released: 1982
  4. "Lenny"
    Released: 1982
  5. "Beatnik"
    Released: 1982

Adventures in Modern Recording is the second and last studio album by the British synthpop duo The Buggles released in 1981 on Carrere Records. Made one year after their stint as members of Yes, the album contains nine tracks, including a stripped-down version of Yes's "Into the Lens", here entitled, "I Am a Camera". The album contained no hits, and The Buggles broke up during recording, with Geoffrey Downes joining Asia and Trevor Horn becoming a producer. The album as released was mostly a Trevor Horn solo effort, with Bruce Woolley assisting in completing the tracks.


Release history

The album was first issued on compact disc in 1993 by Japanese label Jimco Records. In 1997 it was reissued with three bonus tracks, this time on the Japanese Flavour of Sound label. A new reissue was released by Salvo Records on 15 February 2010 ; it contains 10 bonus tracks.[1]

Track listing


Original LP release

Side one

  1. "Adventures in Modern Recording" – 3:46 (Darlow, Horn, Wooley)
  2. "Beatnik" – 3:38 (Horn)
  3. "Vermillion Sands" – 6:48 (Downes, Horn)
  4. "I Am a Camera" – 4:56 (Downes, Horn)

Side two

  1. "On TV" – 2:48 (Horn, Wooley, Rodney Thompson)
  2. "Inner City" – 3:22 (Darlow, Horn)
  3. "Lenny" – 3:12 (Downes, Horn)
  4. "Rainbow Warrior" – 5:22 (Darlow, Horn, John Sinclair)
  5. "Adventures in Modern Recording (reprise)" – 0:51 (Darlow, Horn, Wooley)

Bonus tracks on 1997 CD re-release

  1. "Fade Away" – 2:36
    Original B-side of the "I Am a Camera" and "On TV" 7-inch singles
  2. "Blue Nylon" – 2:25
    Original B-side of the "Adventures in Modern Recording" 7-inch single
  3. "I Am a Camera" – 4:13
    Original 12-inch single mix

Bonus tracks on 2010 CD re-release

  1. "Fade Away"
  2. "Blue Nylon"
  3. "I Am A Camera" (12-inch mix)
  4. "We Can Fly From Here – part 1"
  5. "Dion"
  6. "Videotheque"
  7. "On TV"
  8. "Walking On Glass (original version of Lenny)"
  9. "Riding A Tide"
  10. "We Can Fly From Here – part 2"


  • Trevor Hornvocals; bass on "Adventures in Modern Recording", "Inner City", "Adventures in Modern Recording (reprise)", "Fade Away", "Blue Nylon"; guitar on "Beatnik", "Vermillion Sands", "I Am A Camera", "Lenny"; drum programming on "I Am A Camera"
  • Geoff Downeskeyboards on "Beatnik", "Vermillion Sands", "I Am A Camera", "Lenny"; drum programming on "Lenny"
  • Simon Darlow – keyboards on "Adventures in Modern Recording", "On TV", "Inner City", "Rainbow Warrior", "Adventures in Modern Recording (reprise)", "Fade Away", "Blue Nylon"; guitar on "Adventures in Modern Recording", "On TV", "Inner City", "Rainbow Warrior", "Adventures in Modern Recording (reprise)", "Fade Away", "Blue Nylon"
  • Bruce Woolley – vocals on "On TV"
  • John Sinclair – drum programming on "Adventures in Modern Recording", "On TV", "Inner City", "Rainbow Warrior", "Adventures in Modern Recording (reprise)", "Fade Away", "Blue Nylon"; cymbals on "Adventures in Modern Recording", "Rainbow Warrior", "Adventures in Modern Recording (reprise)"; vocals on "On TV"; guitar on "Beatnik"
  • Chris Squiresound effects on "Adventures in Modern Recording", "Adventures in Modern Recording (reprise)"
  • Anne Dudley – keyboards on "Beatnik"
  • Luis Jardim – percussion on "Beatnik"
  • Danny Schogger – keyboards on "Lenny"
  • Rod Thompson – keyboards on "Lenny"


  • Produced by Geoff Downes, John Sinclair & Trevor Horn
  • Engineers: Stuart Bruce (also assistant engineer), Gary Langan, Julian Mendelsohn


  1. ^ Release date for Adventures in Modern Recording per online retailer Retrieved 6 February 2010.


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