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AeroPress and included accessories (filter papers not shown)

The AeroPress is a device for brewing coffee. It was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler[1]. Coffee is steeped for about 10 seconds and then forced through a paper microfilter. The maker describes the result as an espresso strength concentration of coffee, but others consider it more like strong coffee [2].

The device consists of two polycarbonate cylinders. One cylinder has a rubber plunger and fits inside the larger cylinder to create an airtight seal, similar to a syringe. Fine-ground coffee is placed in the bottom of the larger cylinder on top of a paper microfilter. Hot water (approximately 170-190 degrees Fahrenheit or 75-80 degrees Celsius) is then poured over the coffee; this mixture is stirred and allowed to steep for approximately 10 seconds before being forced through the microfilter using air pressure generated by pushing the second cylinder downwards.[3].

Brewing a single cup of coffee with the Aeropress
Fresh coffee produced from the Aeropress


AeroPress coffee properties

  • Claimed to have roughly the same strength as espresso.[4]
  • Higher pH (less acidic) than drip coffee.[1]
  • Low bitterness.
  • 30-second total brewing time.

Differences from French press

The AeroPress, though sharing some similarities with a French press, is quite different:

  • Uses a disposable paper filter which removes most of the coffee solids
  • Air pressure is used to extract more coffee oils.
  • Shorter brewing time.
  • Tighter filtration resulting in a sediment-free brew.
  • Uses more finely ground coffee.
  • Shorter cleanup time.

Notation for discussing brewing method

The correct way to describe the quantities involved in brewing coffee using the AeroPress is based on the number of scoops of coffee used, and the level to which hot water is added. Measurements for coffee are based on the included scoop, and for water up to the centre of the numbers used for level markers.

A coffee made with two scoops of grounds and then filled to level marker 3 would be shortened to 2S3L.

Some may wish to include water temp, stirring time, or pressing time.


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