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The second iteration of Aerospace Defense Command (ADC) was established on 21 March 1946 as a component of the United States Army Air Forces, with the mission of planning for and executing the air defense of the United States. Air Defense Command (as it was known until 1968), was headquartered at Mitchel Army Airfield, New York.

On 1 December 1948, ADC became a subordinate component of the Continental Air Command and delegated supervision of the build-up of the air defense system. On 1 January 1951, Air Defense Command was reestablished as a major air command at Ent AFB, Colorado.

During the 30-plus years of its existence the Air/Aerospace Defense Command underwent many changes. This is a brief list of all known the fighter interceptor squadrons assigned to the command as its alert force.

These are just the active Air Force Squadrons that have been in the command. Time and space does not allow the inclustion of the 76 Air National Guard Squadrons, several Naval Squadrons, radar squadrons, training squadrons and numerous support units that played important roles in the United States' airspace defense. ADC squadrons were very mobile, and were transferred, redesignated and inactivated/reactivated frequently.


2d through 49th Fighter-Interceptor Squadrons

Mitchel AFB NY (1947-1949) (P/F-61, F-82)
McGuire AFB NJ (1949-1955) (F-86, F-94)
Suffolk County AFB NY (1955-1969) (F-94, F-101, F-102)
Wurtsmith AFB MI (1971-1973) (F-106)
Tyndall AFB FL (1974-1979) (as 2d FITS) (F-106)
Mitchel AFB NY (1947-1949) (P-61, P-82)
McGuire AFB NJ (1949-1955) (F-86, F-94)
Suffolk County AFB NY (1955-1960) (F-86D, F-102)
Minot AFB, ND (1960-1979) (F-106)
Duluth IAP MN (F-51, F-86D, F-89H/J, F-102, F-106)
Inactivated and Redesignated: 87th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron (1968-1979)
Reactivated at: Duluth IAP MN (F-106)
Selfridge AFB MI (1953-1955) (F-86D)
Sioux City AP IA (1955-1959) (F-86D/L)
Glasgow AFB MT (1959-1968) (F-101B)
Sioux City AP IA (F-86D/L)
Davis-Monthan AFB AZ (F-86D/L, F-89J, F-101B)
Minneapolis-St Paul APT MN (1952-1953)(F-51D, F-86A/F, F-89D)
Wurtsmith AFB MI (1953-1960) (F-102)
Grand Forks AFB ND (1960-1971) (F-101B)
March AFB CA (1950) (F-86A)
Griffiss AFB NY (1950-1959) (F-86A, F-89C, F-94C,F-102)
Loring AFB ME (1959-1971) (F-106)
Great Falls/Malmstrom AFB MT (F-94C, F-101B)
Larson AFB WA (1953-1956) (F-86D)
Wurtsmith AFB MI (1956-1957) (F-102)
Dow AAF/AFB ME (1946-1949) (P-47D, P/F-84B)
Burlington APT/Ethan Allen AFB VT (1952-1960) (F-51D, F-86D, F-102)
O'Hare APT IL (1953-1955) (F-86D)
Pittsburgh APT PA (1955-1958) (F-86L)
Suffolk County AFB NY (F-47N, F-86D)
Dover AFB DE (F-94C)
Niagara Falls APT NY (F-47D/N, F-86F/D/L, F-102)
Dow AAF/AFB ME (1946-1949) (P-47N, P/F-84B)
Grenier AFB NH (1952-1953) (F-47D/N)
Langley AFB VA (1953-1991) (F-84G, F-94C, F-102, F-106, F-15)
Dow AAF/AFB ME (1946-1949) (P-47D/N, P/F-84B)
Dow AFB ME (1952-1956) (F-86F/D)
Hanscom AFB MA (1956-1959) (F-86L)
Inactivated and Redesignated: 465th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
Reactivated at: Hanscom AFB MA (1959-1960) (F-86L)
Inactivated and Redesignated: 49th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
Reactivated at: Griffiss AFB NY (1968-1979) (F-106)

54th through 98th Fighter-Interceptor Squadrons

Rapid City/Ellsworth AFB SD (F-51D, F-86G/D, F-89)
Selfridge AFB MI (1952-1955) (F-86F/D)
Wright-Patterson AFB OH (1955-1960) (F-86D/L, F-104A/B)
Presque Isle AFB ME (1953-1954) (F-89C)
Keflavik APT Iceland (1954-2006) (F-89, F-102, F-4C/E, F-15A/D)
Otis AFB MA (1948-1959) (F-84B, F-86A, F-94B, F-89D/H/J)
Walker AFB NM (1959-1960) (F-89J)
Otis AFB MA (1948-1952) (F-84B, F-86A, F-94A/B)
Goose Bay AB Labrador Canada (1952-1967) (F-89D/J, F-102)
Bergstrom AFB TX (1967-1968) (F-102)
322d Fighter-Interceptor Squadron Redesignated as 59th FIS
Kingsley Field OR (1968-1969) (F-101B)
Otis AFB MA (1948-1950) (F-84B)
Westover AFB MA (1950-1955) (F-86A/E/D)
Otis AFB MA (1955-1971) (F-94C, F-101B)
Selfridge AFB MI (1948-1953) (F-80, F-86A, F-94B)
Harmon Air Base, Newfoundland Canada (1953-1957) (F-89D)
Truax Field WI (1957-1960) (F-102)
Selfridge AFB MI (1948-1950) (F-80, F-86A)
O'Hare APT IL (1950-1959) (F-86A/D/L)
K.I. Sawyer AFB MI (1959-1971 (F-101B)
Selfridge AFB MI (1948-1951) (F-80, F-86A)
Oscoda/Wurtsmith AFB MI (1951-1955) (F-86A/F/D)
Deactivated Name Transferred
O'Hare APT IL (1955-1958) (F-86D/L)
McChord AFB WA (1957-1960) (F-102)
Paine Field WA (1960-1966) (F-102)
Richards-Gebaur AFB MO (Not Equipped)
Oxnard AFB CA (Not Equipped)
March AFB CA (1948-1950) (F-86A)
George AFB CA, Griffiss AFB NY) (1950) (F-86A)
Pittsburgh APT PA (1950-1953) (F-86A/D)
Deactivated Designation Transferred
Selfridge AFB MI (1953-1967) (F-86D/L, F-102, F-106)
Richards-Gebaur AFB (1967-1968) (F-106)
Malmstrom AFB MT (1968-1971) (F-106)
Presque Isle AFB ME (1951-1953) (F-86A/E, F-89C, F-94B)
Thule AB, Greenland (1953-1958) (F-89B/D)
Presque Isle AFB ME (1951-1952) (F-86A/E)
Suffolk County AFB NY (1952-1955) (F-86E/D)
Deactivated Designation Transferred
Presque Isle AFB ME (1955-1959) (F-89D/H)
Dow AFB ME (1959-1968) (F-101B)
Deactivated then Reactivated
Wurtsmith AFB MI (1968-1969) (F-101B/F)
Presque Isle AFB ME (1955-1957) (F-89D)
Pinecastle/McCoy AFB FL (1957-1961) (F-89H/J)
Westover AFB MA (1961-1963) (F-89J, F-102)
Mitchel AFB NY (1947-1948) (Not Equipped)
Hamilton AFB CA (1948-1952) (F-51D, F-84B/D)
Larson AFB WA (1952-1953) (F-94B)
Keflavik APT Iceland (1953-1954) (F-94B)
Presque Isle AFB ME (1954-1955) (F-94B)
Deactivated then Designation Transferred
Travis AFB CA (1955-1966) (F-86D, F-102)
Mitchel AFB NY (1947-1948) (Not Equipped)
Hamilton AFB CA (1948-1969) (F-51D, F-84B/D, F-89A/B,F-86F,F-94B/C, F-89D/H/J, F-104A, F-101B/F)
Castle AFB CA (1969-1979) (F-106)
Mitchel AFB NY (1947-1948) (Not Equipped)
Hamilton AFB CA (1948-1969) (F-51D, F-84B/D, F-89A/B, F-86F, F-94B/C, F-89D/H/J, F-104A, F-101B/F, F-106)
Castle AFB CA (1969-1979) (F-106)
Scott AFB IL (F-51D/H, F-86D/L)
Youngstown APT OH (F-84C, F-102)
Sioux City AP IA (1952-1954) (F-84C, F-102)
Lockbourne AFB (1956-1968) (F-86D, F-102, F-101B)
Deactivated. 11th FIS Redesignated 87th FIS
Duluth APT MN (1968-1971) (F-106)
K.I. Sawyer AFB MI (F-106)
Kirtland AFB NM (F-80, F-86A)
Kirtland AFB NM (F-80, F-86A)
Kirtland AFB NM (F-80, F-86A/L)
March AFB CA (1948-1950) (F-80, F-86A)
George AFB CA (1950-1955) (F-86A/D)
Selfridge AFB MI (1955-1969) (F-86D/L, F-106)
Grenier AFB NH (1949) (F-51D/H)
Andrews AFB MD (1952-1963) (F-94B, F-86D/L, F-102, F-106)
Dover AFB DE (1963-1973) (F-106)
Tyndall AFB FL (1973-1979) (As 95th FITS) (F-106)
Grenier AFB NH (1947-1949)(F-51D)
Wright-Patterson AFB OH (1950-1955) (F-86A/E/D)
New Castle Airport DE (1955-1957) (F-94C)
Grenier AFB NH (1949) (F-51D)
Wright-Patterson AFB OH (1950-1955) (F-86E/D)
New Castle Airport DE (1955-1957) (F-94C)
Dover AFB DE (1956-1963) (F-89D/H/J, F-101B)
Suffolk County AFB NY (1963-1968) (F-101B)

317th through 438th Fighter-Interceptor Squadrons

McChord AAF WA (1947) (P-61)
Hamilton AAF CA (1948) (F-82)
Moses Lake AFB WA (1948-1950) (F-82)
McChord AFB WA (1950-1957) (F-94A, F-102)
Mitchel AFB NY (1947) (Not Equipped)
Hamilton AFB CA (1947-1948) (F-82)
McChord AFB WA (1948-1953) (F-94A)
Thule AB Greenland (1953-1954) (F-94A)
Presque Isle AFB ME (1954-1955) (F-94C)
McChord AFB WA (1955-1979) (F-86D, F-102, F-106)
McChord AFB WA (1949-1952) (F-82)
Reassigned to Suwon Air Base, South Korea (Far East Air Force (1952-1955)
Bunker Hill AFB IN (1955-1959) (F-94C/J F-106)
Westover AFB MA (1959-1963) (F-104A/B)
Homestead AFB FL (1963-1969) (F-104A/B)
Malmstrom AFB MT (1971-1972) (F-106)
Paine Field WA (F-89D/H/J)
Larson AFB WA (1955-1959) (F-86D)
Kingsley Field OR (1959-1968) (F-101B)
Larson AFB WA (1952-1955) (F-86D)
Designation Transferred
Truax Field WI (1955-1957) (F-102)
Harmon AFB Newfoundland (1957-1960) (F-102)
Westover AFB MA (F-86D/L)
Travis AFB CA (1953-1954) (F-86E)
Hamilton AFB CA (1954-1955) (F-86D)
Designation Transferred
Truax Field WI (1955-1966) (F-102)
Fairfax Airport KS (1953-1954) (Not Equipped)
Grandview/Richards-Gebaur AFB MO (1954-1967) (F-86D, F-102)
George AFB CA (1955-1958) (F-86D, F-102)
Thule AB Greenland (1958-1960) (F-102)
George AFB CA (F-86D/L, F-102, F-106)
Stewart AFB NY (F-80, F-86A/F/D/L)
Suffolk County AFB NY (1953-1955) (F-51D, F-86D)
Stewart AFB NY (1955-1958) (F-86D/L)
Webb AFB TX (1958-1967) (F-86L, F-102, F-104A)
New Castle APT DE (1953-1955) (F-94C)
McGuire AFB NJ (1955-1959) (F-86D/L, F-102)
England AFB LA (1959-1960) (F-102)
Thule AB Greenland (1960-1965) (F-102)
Langley AFBVA (1948-1950) (F-80, F-86A)
New Castle APT DE (1950) (F-86A)
Andrews AFB MD (1948-1949) (F-80)
Langley AFB VA (1949-1950) (F-80, F-86A)
Andrews AFB MD (1950) (F-86A)
Andrews AFB MD (1948-1949) (F-80)
Langley AFB VA (1949-1950) (F-80, F-86A)
Andrews AFB MD (1950) (F-86A)
Minneapolis-St Paul APT (1954-1955) (F-89D)
Westover AFB MA (1955-1960) (F-86D/L)
Long Beach APT CA (1952) (F-51D)
Oxnard AFB CA (1952-1955) (F-51D, F-94C)
'Designation Transferred
McGhee Tyson Airport TN (1955-1958) (F-86D/L)
Portland IAP OR (F-86F)
Hamilton AFB CA (Not Equipped)
Travis AFB CA (F-86D)
March AFB CA (Not Equipped)
March AFB CA (1946) (Not Equipped)
McChord AAF WA (1946-1947) (P-61)
Selfridge AFB MI (F-51D, F-86F)
Truax Field WI (1952-1955) (F-86F/D)
Designation Transferred
Minneapolis-St Paul APT (1955-1958) (F-86D, F-89H)
Truax Field WI (1952-1954) (F-89C, F-94B)
Minot AFB ND (1955-1957) (Not Equipped)
Otis AFB MA (1952-1956) (F-94C)
Designation Transferred
Oxnard AFB CA (1956-1968) (F-89D/H/J, F-101B)
Deactivated - 456th FIS Reactivated/Redesignated as 437th FIS
Oxnard AFB CA (1968) (F-106)
Kinross/Kincheloe AFB MI (1953-1968) (F-94B,F-89D, F-102, F-106)
Redesignated 49th FIS
Griffiss AFB NY (1968) (F-106)

440th through 539th Fighter-Interceptor Squadrons

Geiger Field WA (F-86D)
Charleston AFB SC (F-86D/L, F-101B)
Geiger Field WA (1953-1955) (F-86D)
Designation Transferred
Wurtsmith AFB NH (1955-1968) (F-89H/J, F-101B)
Truax Field WI (1954-1955) (F-86D)
Castle AFB CA (1955-1968) (F-86D, F-102, F-106)
Redesignated 437th FIS and Transferred to Oxnard AFB CA
McGhee Tyson Airport TN (1954-1955) (F-86D)
Designation Transferred
Portland IAP OR (1955-1966) (F-89D, F-102)
Oxnard AFB CA (1968-1969) (F-106)
Kingsley Field OR (1969-1971) (F-106)
Grand Forks AFB ND (1971-1974) (F-106)
McChord AFB WA (1953-1955) (F-86D)
Griffiss AFB NY (1955-1959) (F-89D/H)
Hanscom AFB MA (1959-1960) (F-86L)
McGhee Tyson Airport TN (1952-1957) (F-47D/N, F-86D)
Seymour-Johnson AFB NC (F-102)
Homestead AFB FL (1965-1969) (F-104A/B)
K. I. Sawyer AFB MI (Not Equipped)
Hamilton AFB CA (F-51D, F-86)
Portland IAP OR (1953-1955) (F-94D, F-89A)
Designation Transferred
Geiger Field WA (1955-1958) (F-86D)
Geiger Field WA (1955-1963) (F-86D, F-102, F-106)
McChord AFB WA (1963-1966) (F-106)
Paine Field WA (1966) (F-106)
Hamilton AFB CA (1966-1968) (F-106)
George AFB CA (F-86D)
Sioux City AP IA (F-86D)
Geiger Field WA (F-86D)
Larson AFB WA (F-86D/L, F-104A, F-104A/B)
Stewart AFB NY (1954-1955) (F-86D)
McGuire AFB NY (F-86L, F-106)


PD-icon.svg This article incorporates public domain material from websites or documents of the Air Force Historical Research Agency.

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