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Founded 1932
Founded by Russian members of Hashomer Hatzair
Region Jordan Valley
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Coordinates 32°40′46.56″N 35°34′40.08″E / 32.6796°N 35.5778°E / 32.6796; 35.5778Coordinates: 32°40′46.56″N 35°34′40.08″E / 32.6796°N 35.5778°E / 32.6796; 35.5778
Afikim is located in Israel
For the bus company, see Afikim (company)

Afikim (Hebrew: אֲפִיקִים‎) is an Israeli kibbutz affiliated with the Kibbutz Movement located in the Jordan Valley within three kilometers of the Sea of Galilee, and within the jurisdiction of the Emek HaYarden Regional Council. In 2006 it had a population of 976.


Russian Jews affiliated with the Hashomer Hatzair movement, including the Refusenik Yosef Izraeli, were initially organised in 1924 and settled in the area of Wazia in the Upper Galilee. In 1932 the group moved to its current location on a tract of land belonging to Degania Bet, where it continued to absorb groups of Zionist-Social-Democratic ideology oriented European Jews (Gar'in).

During the 1948 Arab-Israeli War the kibbutz was a stronghold of Palmach activity, and was afterwards a center for training Nahal soldier-farmers.

During the split of the Kibbutz Meuhad movement, Afikim, unlike many other kibbutzim, did not split up into two villages. Rather it joined the Mapai-affiliated faction which went on to found the Ihud Kibbutzim, and not the Communist-leaning group.

Afikim contains about 6,000 dunam of land, and is now home to circa 1,000. The kibbutz grows bananas, Date Palms, and other subtropical flora, as well as cereals, and engages in fishing and dairy farming. It is also home to SAE Afikim, a dairy equipment company, and Afikim Electric Mobilizers, a producer of electric wheelchairs. In the year 1977 the settlement hosted 66 refugees from Vietnam The kibbutz underwent in the 1980s economic crises (especially of the factory of carbonic fibers) and later a process of partial privatization.

Yitzchak Tavori, leader of the 1930s anarchist group The Free Socialists, and the Israeli painter Leo Roth are members of Afikim. Among the natives of the kibbutz one can mention the singer Lior Yeiyni and the journalist and writer Assaf Inbari.

The name Afikim means riverbeds and refers to the Jordan River and its tributary, the Yarmuk.



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