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Afro-Caribbean Americans (alternately called West Indian–Americans, within the Anglophone Caribbean) are usually black and often mixed-race Caribbean-born residents of the United States and their U.S.-born offspring. They consist of several national origin groups, among them:

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An Afro-Caribbean American (also African-Caribbean American) is a member of an ethnic group in the West Indies whose ancestors, usually in predominant part, were indigenous to Sub-Saharan Africa. Many Afro-Caribbean Americans possess European, Carib Indian and, to a lesser degree, Asian ancestry as well, however Afro-Caribbean Americans as a group still possess over 80% African blood.In the Caribbean the term is generally used for those of sub saharan African ancestry.

Early History

The majority of Afro-Caribbean Americans are the descendants of enslaved Africans transported via slave ships following the sea route known as the Middle Passage from West and Central Africa to North America and the Caribbean from 1565 through 1807 during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Others have arrived in the United States through more recent immigration from the Caribbean, South and Central America and Africa.


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