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After indicates in common language a connection in time and/or location between two situations.

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After may refer to:


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Old High German aftero (possibly a loan translation of Latin posteriora "posterior", compare aftar)


After m. (genitive Afters, plural After)

  1. (anatomy) anus
    [Feigwarzen] können sowohl am After als auch im Geschlechtsbereich sitzen. 1
    [Condylomata acuminata- warts] can be situated in the region of the anus as well as that of the sexual organs
  2. hindquarters, backside
  3. in compounds:
    Afterschließer — anal sphincter
    Afterklaue — pseudo-claw
    sub-, second...
    Aftermieter — subtenant
    Afterbildung — malformation
    Afterlehre — false doctrine


Derived terms

  • Afterbildung
  • Afterblatt
  • Afterbürge
  • Aftergeburt
  • Aftergelehrsamkeit
  • Afterheu
  • Afterkind
  • Afterklaue
  • Afterkohle
  • Afterkugel
  • Aftermieter
  • Aftermuse
  • Afterrede
  • afterreden v
  • Afterschließer
  • Afterweisheit
  • Afterzins

Simple English

Simple English Wiktionary has the word meaning for:

After means later in time.

English fairy tales often end with the words "and they lived happily ever after." "Ever after" means for a long time, not forever or for all time.



  • She moved to Chicago after she left school.
  • I take off my coat after I enter the house.
It could also mean
  • After (novel), a book by Francine Prose
  • After... (visual novel), a visual novel
  • After... (film), a 2006 thriller film about urban exploration

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