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Ageplay or age play is a form of sexual roleplaying in which an individual acts or treats another as if they were a different age. Generally this can involve someone pretending to be younger than they actually are, but more rarely can involve assuming an older role.[1] Variations include incest play, in which individuals recreate and sexualize roles wthin a family,[2] and Daddy's girl fetishism in which real or imagined age differences are the basis of the roleplaying and the female is portrayed as the younger partner.[3]

The practice can be regressive, in which the goal is to re-experience childhood, or sexual, recreating a child-adult sexual relationship. Ageplay is not considered to be related to pedophilia.[4]

Prohibition in Second Life

Linden Lab, the parent company of the Second Life virtual community, banned sexual ageplay on their virtual world after several individuals were found using childlike avatars and enacting sexual acts. The actions were perceived as a form of virtual child pornography and prohibited.[5]


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