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Agrarian socialism is a socioeconomic political movement which seeks to combine an agrarian way of life with socialist (or semi-socialist) economic policies.

When compared to standard socialist systems which are generally urban/industrial (thus often focused on centralization and a comprehensive state), internationally oriented, and more progressive/liberal in terms of social orientation, many agrarian socialist movements have tended to be rural (with an emphasis on decentralization and smaller government), locally focused, and traditional/conservative.

One modern example of an agrarian political party with socialistic tendencies, is the former Agrarian Party of Russia and the current Australian National Party

Agrarian communism

Certain forms of communism have been more agrarian/agricultural than industrial.

For example, Mao Zedong's view that the peasantry was the true revolutionary force in modern society (a major aspect of Maoist theory), could be described as an agrarian socialist philosophy.

Logo of the former Agrarian Party of Russia.

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