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Coordinates: 38°46′04″N 09°17′58″W / 38.76778°N 9.29944°W / 38.76778; -9.29944

—  City  —

Coat of arms
Agualva-Cacém is located in Portugal
Location within Portugal
Coordinates: 38°46′04″N 09°17′58″W / 38.76778°N 9.29944°W / 38.76778; -9.29944
Country Portugal
District Lisbon
Municipality Sintra
 - Total 127 km2 (49 sq mi)
Population (2001)
 - Total 81,845
 - Density 644.4/km2 (1,669.1/sq mi)
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)
NNNN-NNN CITY NAME (All Capital letters) - Ex. 2735-053 AGUALVA-CACÉM 2735-000 to 2735-999
Website Agualva-Cacém City Portal

Agualva-Cacém (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈɡuaɫvɐ kɐˈsɐ̃ĩ]) is a Portuguese city located in the municipality of Sintra. It comprises the parishes of Agualva, Cacém, Mira-Sintra, and São Marcos. The city has a population of 81,845.[1]

Although the official designation is "Agualva-Cacém", it is commonly referred to as "Cacém". It is located in the Greater Lisbon Area.



Until recently, the name Agualva-Cacém belonged to a freguesia with 10.51 km2 (4.1 sq mi) surface area. In 2001, that freguesia still existed, and the census made that year showed a population of 81,845.[2] The freguesia was promoted to city in July 12, 2001, having been officially divided into the four aforementioned freguesias in July 24 the same year.

Civil Parishes



50,000 inhabitants as of 2006.


30,000 inhabitants as of 2006.


6,106 inhabitants as of 2006.

São Marcos

14,945 inhabitants as of 2001.


Agualva-Cacém is mostly a residential suburb of Lisbon

Law and government

Agualva-Cacém is divided into four parishes in the Sintra municipality.


Sites of interest

  • Anta de Agualva
  • Gruta do Colaride (see the article of Prof. Galopim de Carvalho - Professor of University of Lisbon and Director of Museu Nacional de História Natural - National Museum of Natural History)

There are two football clubs in Agualva-Cacém and two futsal clubs.
Football clubs are:
Atlético Clube do Cacém
Ginásio Clube 1° de Maio de Agualva. The two futsal clubs are Clube Unidos do Cacém (CUC), and Novos Talentos.


  1. ^ . UMA POPULAÇÃO QUE SE URBANIZA, Census of 2001 Nuno Pires Soares, Instituto Geográfico Português (Geographic Institute of Portugal)
  2. ^ This number is from the 2001 Census. Since this is one of the most growing cities of the country, this number is very underestimated.

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