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Agustus Montrose

A portrait of Montrose from 1897
Born Agustus Horatio Montrose
October 22, 1830
London, England
Died December 31, 1899
London, England
Resting place London, England
Pen name Agustus Montrose
Occupation Author, Playwright
Language English, French
Nationality English
Ethnicity English
Citizenship England
Education University of London (Noted in will of deceased Uncle)
Writing period Mid-Late 19th Century
Genres Fiction, Psychological novel, Theatre
Literary movement Modernism
Notable work(s) Lilies In December
Domestic partner(s) Multiple
Children Not known

Agustus Horatio Montrose (1830-1899) was an English poet and playwright operating in the northeast of London in the mid-late 1800s. [1] He is especially notable for one novel (see Lilies In December) and several plays, although he wrote 22 known pieces and there is a possibility that more were created unknown to the scholars who study him. He is considered influential to many later 19th and 20th century authors, including Joseph Conrad. Spending a life in semi-poverty with only moderate success, Montrose was popular among many citizens. [2] Two of his plays have been banned by various Private Libraries. [3] When asked about the abnormal parody of the name Agustus, Montrose said, "My mother liked the name Augustus, but was absolutely an individual and she didn't want a name for me that would be common. Thus she decided upon Agustus, to be pronounced identically to Augustus but spelled without the 'u'." [4]

Writing Style

Montrose's writing style has been described as, "Dark and depressing but somehow delivering a message of hope." As was common with psychological novels, he emphasizes an extreme display of character development. This is best shown in his novel, Lilies In December where he, "makes the two main characters best friends, murderously hateful of each other, and eventually best friends again- all in believable fashion, as he continued to do with his later work." After his first work (Lilies In December), he began contributing to theatre and never again wrote another novel. In his plays he still shows, "a degree of darkness not seen by most authors and certainly not harnessed by them." [5]

Peronal Life

Born illegitimately to Patricia Montrose October 22, 1830, young Agustus grew up in the slums of north London. For much of his young life, he witnessed adverse poverty and hardship. More often than not, it was difficult for them to make due. Later in life, this is believed to have influenced many of his works on the stage, his socialist sympathies, and debatably Lilies In December. At age nine, his mother died of unknown causes, leading to adoption by his wealthy uncle, Edmund Montrose. Many scholars agree that without his mothers death, he would not have eventually attended the University of London. While living in Oxford with Edmund, young Agustus became interested in literature, and was tutored in accordance. Between the years of 1842 and 1847, he showed extreme progression in his understanding of various literate works. In 1849, Edmund funded his enrollment at the University of London. [6]




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