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Ahirwar was derived from Ahir, The Ahir’s are one of the most ancient martial tribes of India, who ruled over different parts of India and Nepal since the ancient times. They stand on an equal footing with the Jat, Gujjar and Rajput in the caste hierarchy, but though they eat with them, they do not intermarry. In appearance, they proclaim their Aryan descent. They are tall and wiry, have dark eyes, long noses, black hair and their complexion varies from wheatish to dark brown.

A community of Hindu Kshatriya belong to Ahirwada (Jhansi) are known as Ahirwar / Aharwar Kshatriya, Aharwar claim to be descendants of the Chandravanshi Kshatriya Rajput, many aharwar are living in different region of India including Delhi, Mathura, Ahmedabad, Murena, Agra, Jhansi, etc.

Aharwar Kshatriya community was got registered as "Aharwar Kshatriya Sabha" in Delhi on 30th Aug 1940(Registration no. 167) under ACT XXI of 1860,


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