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Birth name Ahlam Ali Al Shāmsi
Born February 13, 1969 (1969-02-13) (age 41)
Origin Bahrain, United Arab Emirates
Genres Arabic Music
Occupations Singer
Years active 1994 - present

Ahlam Ali Al Shāmsi (Arabic: أحلام علي الشامسي‎) (born February 13, 1969), commonly known as Ahlam (Arabic: أحلام‎) is a leading female singer from UAE . She has 10 albums to her name, and is popular throughout the Middle East, particularly in the Persian Gulf region.


Ahlam started her singing career when she was a little child. She used to sing in school plays and national ceremonies, and through this she was noticed by the Kuwaiti music composer, Anwar Abdullah. This recognition lead Ahlam to sign a contract with Funoon Al Emarat, a local Gulf-Music production company. The composer Anwar Abdullah also assisted her through the release of her debut self-titled album, (Ahlam). As of November 2009, Ahlam was reported heavily pregnant when she was seen performing at a royal wedding.


  • A'hbuk Moot (Arabic: أحبك موت‎) - 1995, Funoon Al Emarat
  • Ma'aa Al Salamah (Arabic: مع السلامه‎) - 1996, Funoon Al Emarat
  • Kaif Artha (Arabic: كيف أرضي‎) - 1997, Funoon Al Emarat
  • Ma yeseh Ela El Saheeh (Arabic: مايصح الإ الصحيح ‎) - 1998, Funoon Al Emarat
  • Tabee'ee (Arabic: طبيعي‎) - 1999, Funoon Al Emarat
  • Mekhtlef (Arabic: مختلف‎) - 2000, Funoon Al Emarat
  • Le Elmak Bas (Arabic: لعلمك بس‎) - 2001, Funnon Al Emarat
  • Ahsan (Arabic: أحسن‎) - 2003, Alam El Phan
  • El Thokol Sana'a (Arabic: التقل صنعه‎) - 2006, Rotana Records
  • Hatha Ana (Arabic: هذا أنا‎) - 2009, Rotana Records

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