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Ahmad Shah
Born September 23, 1934 (1934-09-23) (age 75)
Title(s) Crown Prince of Afghanistan
Throne(s) claimed Afghanistan
Pretend from 23 July 2007
Monarchy abolished 17 July 1973
Last monarch Mohammed Zahir Shah
Connection with Son
Royal House Mohammedzai
Father Mohammed Zahir Shah
Mother Humaira Begum
Predecessor Mohammed Zahir Shah
History of Afghanistan
Emblem of Afghanistan
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Pre-Islamic Period
Achaemenids (550-330 BC)
Seleucids (330-150 BC)
Greco-Bactrians (256-125 BC)
Sakas (145 BC - )
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Indo-Sassanid (248 - 410)
Kidarites (320-465)
Hephthalites (410-557)
Kabul Shahi (565-670)
Sassanids (224-651)
Islamic Conquest
Umayyads (661-750)
Abbasids (750-1258)
Tahirids (821-873)
Saffarids (861-1003)
Samanids (875-999)
Ghaznavids (963-1187)
Ghurids (1149-1212)
Seljukids (1037-1194)
Khwarezmids (1077-1231)
Ilkhanate (1258-1353)
Timurids (1370-1506)
Mughals (1501-1739)
Hotaki dynasty (1709-1738)
Afsharids (1736-1747)
Durrani Empire (1747-1823)
Emirate of Afghanistan
Kingdom of Afghanistan
Republic of Afghanistan
Democratic Republic of Afghanistan
Afghanistan since 1992
Afghan Civil War

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Ahmad Shah, Crown Prince of Afghanistan (born 23 September 1934) the second son of Mohammed Zahir Shah, the former King of Afghanistan, and current pretender to the throne of Afghanistan.



At the time of his birth he was second in the line of succession to the throne after his older brother Crown Prince Muhammad Akbar Khan. However following the death of his brother on November 26, 1942, he became first in the line of succession and the new heir apparent and Crown Prince.

He attended the University of Oxford and later spent time working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul.

His father's reign ended on July 17, 1973, when he was ousted by a coup with Afghanistan being declared a republic. The Crown Prince was one of fourteen members of the royal family arrested following the coup. He was allowed to leave the country for Rome on July 26.[1] Following the overthrow of the monarchy the Crown Prince settled in Virginia and took to writing poetry.[2] Since the death of his father on July 23, 2007, he is currently the pretender to the throne of Afghanistan.

Marriage and children

He was married at Kabul in 1961 to Princess Khatul Begum the daughter of Sardar Muhammad Umar Khan Zikeria, by his wife, Princess Sultana Begum. He has two sons and one daughter:

  • Prince Muhammad Zahir Khan (born 1962)
  • Prince Muhammad Emel Khan (born 1963)
  • Princess Hawa Khanum


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Ahmad Shah Khan
Born: 23 September 1934
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
King Mohammed Zahir Shah
King of Afghanistan
23 July 2007 – present
Reason for succession failure:
Monarchy overthrown in 1973
Prince Muhammad Zahir Khan


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