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Coat of arms of the Ottoman Empire
Claimants to the
Ottoman throne since 1922

Mehmed VI (1922)
Abdülmecid II (1922–1944)
Ahmed Nihad (1944–1954)
Osman Fuad (1954–1973)
Mehmed Abdulaziz (1973–1977)
Ali Vâsib (1977–1983)
Mehmed Orhan (1983–1994)
Ertuğrul Osman (1994–2009)
Bayezid Osman (2009–present)
Dündar Aliosman (current heir)

See also Ottoman dynasty

Ahmed Nihad (5/6 July 1883 - 4 June 1954) was the 38th and second post-imperial head of the Imperial House of Osman. His tenure as pretender was from 1944 to 1954. If reigning, he would have been Sultan Ahmed IV.


He was born either at Çırağan Palace or at Ortaköy Palace, Ortaköy, both in Istanbul, the son of Prince Mehmed Selaheddin and his Armenian second wife Naziknaz Hanım, and paternal grandson of Murad V by his first wife.

He was exiled from Turkey in 1924, along with the rest of the Sultan's family.

He died in Beirut and was buried in Damascus.

Marriages and issue

He married firstly at Ortaköy, Ortaköy Palace, Istanbul, on 7 February 1902 to Safiru Hanım and had one son, Ali Vâsib, who was head of the House of Osman from 1977 until 1983. Ahmed Nihad married again at Ortaköy Palace, on 10 April 1915 to Nevrestan Hanım; this second marriage was without issue.


Ahmed Nihad
Born: 6 July 1883 Died: 4 June 1954
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Abdülmecid II
Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
August 23, 1944 – June 4, 1954
Reason for succession failure:
Empire abolished in 1922
Succeeded by
Osman Fuad
Caliph of Islam
August 23, 1944 – June 4, 1954
Reason for succession failure:
Caliphate abolished in 1924


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