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  • If you catch a bird with your mouth, skip it, you can't ingratiate yourself with them even if you catch dragon with your mouth.
  • I am the realist side of football.
  • I am sculpture.
  • I didnt say you subnormal, i said you are not normal.
  • Del Bosque is looking like the men who are waiting turn to their retired pay in front of Ziraat Bank .
  • If I try to tell my opinions about Bülent Demirlenk, the story goes up to assassination of Keneddy.
  • Football ain't playstation.
  • Who is Koller? He is male form of Mona Lisa!
  • At Ataturk Olympic Stadium, I was eye to eye with wolves.
  • Do you know suburbans of Argentina? It ain't like wandering nightclubs.
  • If Shaq is a real man, he has to make Miami champion.
  • Kazım I understand what do you think from your vibrissaes.
  • Aragones can spent his remaining life with prostate cancer specialists, he has 5 or 10 years in this world.
  • Arda is not even Messi's left leg.
  • Ahmet Çakar: If Kazim and I pay a visit to someplace, this place would't be calm anymore, am i wrong?
  • Kazım Kanat: What you are talking about? Why you think like that.
  • Ahmet Çakar: Oh Kazim, we are both grouchy men.
  • Ahmet Çakar: Now , If I consider the desicion referee admitted wrong as a regular citizen...
  • Hakan Can: But you are not a regular citizen...
  • Ahmet Çakar: Sure not; I am cunning man!
  • Rıza Çalımbay: You can't talk about my personality Ahmet Çakar!
  • Ahmet Çakar: Wait a while. You are talking about the IQ thing I guess. I didn't mean anything bad when I said your IQ is low. Leader is the one who make good desicions at hard times. You could not do. That was the IQ thing. No offense my dear.
  • Rıza Çalımbay: Okey.
  • Ersin Düzen: Lets talk about other teams. These team's fans are showing large interest to our tv show.
  • Ahmet Çakar: how you know?
  • Ahmet Çakar: I guess you like Benjamin Toshack..
  • Kazım Kanat: I like you too.
  • Ahmet Çakar: So I am Toshack. Term logic. Aristo's logic.
  • Gürcan Bilgiç: Turkish national team doesn't satisfy me.
  • Ahmet Çakar: If you are not satisfied , there are some medicin for it.
  • Gürcan Bilgiç: There is a urban legend about you scored a goal with your head at match between Bordo and Milan.
  • Ahmet Çakar: No there is not such a thing, if I did, I am proud, Zidane crossed the ball, at the 85th minute, I rise between Ancelotti and Costacurta ,and hit the ball...Ok now?
  • Gürcan Bilgiç: Isn't there any winning team even they are outnumbered? There is.
  • Ahmet Çakar: You again started to talk like Red Kit. Do you know Red Kit?
  • Gürcan Bilgiç: I don't.
  • Melih Gümüşbıçak: Can you say again what you said at making up room?
  • Ahmet Çakar: That was all about me, football is fulfilled with surprises. If Fenerbahçe eleminates the Sevilla, I will wear bikini next show, I said. There is two points. Am I psyco? Am I gay? Never! Point two, there may be something inside football that make you to even wear pantyhose. Look to Australia and Faroe Islands... At that time there is not such a thing named Faroe Islands. It was beneath the water level. They just started to breed. They asked to first breedings  : Do you play football? They answered :Excuse me? . Then: You know, ball. Then they congregate a national team. I can't recall clearly but , they won against Austria or a draw may be.

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