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Ahuitzotl in the Codex Mendoza.

7 Rabbit (1486) – 10 Rabbit (1502)
Preceded by Tizoc
Succeeded by Moctezuma II

Died 10 Rabbit (1502)
Father Tezozomoc
Mother Atotoztli
The glyph of Ahuitzotl, from a temple at Tepoztlan.

Ahuitzotl (Nahuatl: āhuitzotl, pronounced [aːˈwitsotɬ]) was the eighth Aztec ruler, the Hueyi Tlatoani, of the city of Tenochtitlan. He was responsible for much of the expansion of the Mexica domain, and consolidated the empire's power after a weak performance by his predecessor. He took power as Tlatoani in the year 7 Rabbit (1486), after the death of his predecessor Tízoc.

Perhaps the greatest known military leader of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, Ahuitzotl began his reign by suppressing a Huastec rebellion, and then swiftly more than doubled the size of lands under Aztec dominance. He conquered the Mixtec, Zapotec, and other peoples from Mexico's Pacific coast down to the western part of Guatemala. Ahuitzotl also supervised a major rebuilding of Tenochtitlan on a grander scale including the expansion of the Great Pyramid or Templo Mayor in the year 8 Reed (1487). Ahuitzotl died in the year 10 Rabbit (1502) and was succeeded by his nephew, Moctezuma II.

Ahuitzotl took his name from the animal Ahuitzotl, but it appears the Aztecs thought of it as a creature in its own right, and not merely a mythical beast representing the king.



Map showing the expansion of the Aztec empire showing the areas conquered by the Aztec rulers. The conquests of Ahuitzotl is marked by the colour yellow. [1]


On 3 August 2007, Mexican archaeologists announced discovery of what is believed to be the tomb of Ahuitzotl beneath a sculpture of Tlaltecuhtli near the Zócalo in Mexico City.[2][3]



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Preceded by
Tlatoani of Tenochtitlan
7 Rabbit (1486) – 10 Rabbit (1502)
Succeeded by
Moctezuma II


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Classical Nahuatl

Ahuitzotl (here called ahuiçuçin, an honorific form) in the Codex Mendoza.
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  • IPA: /aːwitsoːtɬ/


After ahuitzotl "otter".

Proper noun


  1. The name of the ninth Aztec ruler, preceding Montezuma II.


  • Ahuitzotzin (honorific)


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