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Author J. M. G. Le Clézio
Original title Ailleurs
Country France
Language French
Genre(s) Essay interview
Publisher Arléa : Diffusion Le Seuil, Paris
Publication date 1995
Pages 124
ISBN 9782869592445
OCLC Number 33270374
Dewey Decimal 843/.914 B 20
LC Classification PQ2672.E25 Z4623 1995

"Ailleurs" are the transcripts of a series of interviews between Jean-Louis Ezine and the French author and Nobel laureate J. M. G. Le Clézio.


Short summary

Ailleurs(Elsewhere) reads like a meandering conversation where Le Clézio gets to talk about his childhood ,his dreams, where he prefers to do his writing as well as aviation and how he escapes from the everyday [1]. Some of the themes expanded in these interviews are:

  • The gold-digger who was Le Clézio's grandfather.
  • His English-speaking father.
  • Milly-la-Forêt (the village where his mother was born).
  • Why he was that kind of a child who would prefer to stay in a cabin somewhere off of the coast of Africa to write.
  • He was also a teenager who believed his destiny was to be found in comic strips.
  • Why Le Clézio was a (human-)being not like other beings;how he was preoccupied with medation and (day)dreaming.
  • Le Clézio claiming never to have been either a cheap nor a false populist.
  • Le Clézio on bearing no resentment or any deisire to get revenge.

According to the publisher,the interviews lead to a book which is " an opus on thinking and on poetry" and which uses "broad strokes using mythological colors to tell his story".The storyline of this book is definitely what the French call " Ailleurs" meaning somewhere else.[2]


This book incldes interviews previously broadcast on France Culture in 1988 as part of a radio-programme "A voix nue".


Le Clézio had just published Le Rêve mexicain ou la pensée interrompue (which was later translated into English as The Mexican Dream, Or, The Interrupted Thought of Amerindian Civilizations), about disappearance of pre-Columbian civilizations, a book which is also a tribute to the beauty and magic of a world now lost.An example can be read on pages 71 to 72 of "Ailleurs" where Le Clézio tells Jean-Louis Ezine that for the Indians of South America silence is not perceived as a lack of words, but silence was rather another way [for them] to express themselves. One could compare the silence of Americans to non-violence of the Indians at the time of Gandhi . When Mexicans are silent because they have something important to say. And Le Clézio states that is something we must try to understand. (...)Le Clézio said he thinks it's an attitude linked to the culture. Le Clézio noted that as we (all of us) understand things without saying,so also we must try to understand, as the Indians say,the half of words, and sometimes [we must try to understand] without a word being spoken at all.[3]

"Ailleurs" was co-written by Jean-Louis Ezine .


  • Section 1

bande dessinée, Clézio, bricoleur

  • Section 2

Aztèques, Mexique, Tarahumaras

  • Section 3

bothrops atrox, no man's lands, bande dessinée

Publication history


First French edition

Le Clézio, J. M. G; Jean-Louis Ezine (1995) (in French). Ailleurs : Entretiens avec Jean-Louis Ezine (Mass Market Paperback). Paris: Arléa : Diffusion Le Seuil. pp. 124. ISBN 9782869592445.  

Second French edition

Le Clézio, J. M. G; Jean-Louis Ezine (1997-01-04) (in French). Ailleurs : Entretiens avec Jean-Louis Ezine (Mass Market Paperback). Paris: Arléa : Diffusion Le Seuil. pp. 124. ISBN 978-2869593145.  


  • The Interviewer (Producteur) was Jean-Louis Ezine.
  • Interviews with Jean-Marie Le Clézio[4]
  • Part 2 : Interviews 3 et 4
    • 2 : Entretiens 3 et 4
    • broadcast on 1988-11-02 and 1988-11-03
    • CD (59 min 33 s)
  • Part 3, Interviews: 5
    • broadcast on 1988-11-05.
    • CD (29 min 15 s)
    • Title:"À voix nue : les grands entretiens d'hier et d'aujourd'hui)"1999.][5]


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    Interview 2 alle B (ou C,D,G,J) - Poste audiovisuel – [PDC12- 1577 (3)] Salle P (type de place vidéo/son) – [PDC12- 1577 (4)]

    Interview 5 Salle B (ou C,D,G,J) - Poste audiovisuel – [PDC12- 1578 (3)] Salle P (type de place vidéo/son) – [PDC12- 1578(4)


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