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Air Transat
Founded 1986
Focus cities Québec/Jean Lesage Int'l Airport
Calgary International Airport
Fleet size 18[1][2]
Destinations 75
Parent company Transat A.T. Inc.
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario
Key people Raafay Shehzad (Chairman & CEO)

Air Transat A.T. Inc. is an airline based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada,[3] operating scheduled and charter flights, serving 90 destinations in 25 countries. The airline is owned and operated by Transat A.T. During the summer season its main destinations are Europe and in the winter season the Caribbean, Mexico, USA and South America. It is the designated carrier between Canada and Cuba. Its main base is Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, with hubs at Toronto Pearson International Airport and Vancouver International Airport. The airline also focuses operations at Calgary International Airport and Québec/Jean Lesage International Airport[4].



An Air Transat A330 in old livery arriving at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport
Airbus A310-300 in current livery

Air Transat was founded by former Quebecair employees and managers (including François Legault) in December 1986 as an off-shoot of Trafic Voyages. It made its inaugural flight on November 14, 1987, travelling from Montreal to Acapulco. Six years later, Air Transat assumed defunct Nationair's maintenance base and aircraft. Today, the company books 2.5 million passengers a year. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Transat A.T. Inc. Separate companies (Transat Holidays, Nolitours, Jonview Canada) operate under the banner of TDC (Transat Distribution Canada) which specialize in organizing, marketing, and distributing vacation travel and packages. The organization includes tour operators and retail travel outlets based in Canada and France. Transat owns Canadian Affair, a tour operator in the United Kingdom that specializes in travel to Canada and primarily uses Air Transat and Thomas Cook Airlines.[5] Today Air Transat is one of Canada's largest airlines, after Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz and WestJet.

Air Transat has 2,667 employees[4]

It is the only airline in Canada to operate an all Wide-body aircraft fleet, and one of only nine in the world.

Incidents and accidents

Air Transat Airbus A330-300 in current livery landing in Montreal
  • On August 24, 2001, Air Transat Flight 236, an Airbus A330, en route from Toronto to Lisbon with 306 crew and passengers, made an emergency landing in the Azores without engine power due to fuel starvation over the Atlantic Ocean.[6] The aircraft safely landed at Lajes Air Base, on the island of Terceira. The aircraft was evacuated in 90 seconds. All 306 passengers on board survived. An investigation revealed that the cause of the accident was a fuel leak in the number two engine which was caused by an incorrect part installed in the hydraulics system by Air Transat maintenance staff. The part did not maintain adequate clearance between the hydraulic lines and the fuel line, allowing vibration in the hydraulic lines to degrade the fuel line and cause the leak.
  • On March 6, 2005, Air Transat Flight 961, an Airbus A310-300, en route from Cuba to Quebec City with nine crew and 261 passengers on board, experienced a structural failure in which the rudder detached in flight. The crew returned to Varadero, Cuba, where they made a safe landing. It has been established that no unusual rudder inputs had been used by the crew during the flight, they were not manipulating the rudder when it failed and there was no obvious fault in the rudder or yaw-damper system.[7] The investigation that followed determined that the manufacturer's inspection procedure for the composite rudder was not adequate.[8] Inspection procedures for composite structures on airliners were changed because of this accident


Air Transat specializes in charter flights from Canadian cities to vacation destinations, mainly in the south during the winter months and in Europe during the summer.

New routes

New routes
Route Start date Aircraft Notes
Vancouver - Barcelona - Madrid June 19 Airbus A330 Weekly
Quebec City - Bordeaux June 22 Airbus A310 Weekly
Quebec City - Marseille June 23 Airbus A310 Weekly
Montreal - Lamezia June 22 Airbus A310 Weekly
Vancouver - Rome - Athens June 18 Airbus A330 Weekly


Certain flights are operated by CanJet, Enerjet, Thomas Cook Airlines[9] and Skyservice Airlines[10] under a codeshare[11] agreement.


The Air Transat fleet consists of the following aircraft (as of November 2009)[1][2] :

Aircraft Total Passengers (Club/Economy) Routes Notes
Airbus A310-300 13 249 (20/229) Atlantic and South America Exit from service 2015
Airbus A330-243 3 342 (21/321) Atlantic and South America, Two wet-leased to Garuda for Hajj season
Airbus A330-342 2 342 (21/321) Atlantic and South America Both are ex-Dragonair

As of April 4, 2009, the Air Transat fleet average aircraft age was 17.1 years.[12].

Air Transat 1980s logo

Previously operated

Air Transat's logo in the early and mid 1990s. It was phased out in late 2005 with the introduction of the new logo. "Canada's No.1 Holiday Airline" did not appear on the aircraft livery.

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